“The Guardian’s Spirit is that sword which pierces the veil, filling the cosmos. It refers to the vitality of actions, and the quality of inactions. The Guardian’s Spirit is not really a possession at all, but rather the force of the vital energy in which the totality of the Self mobilizes and takes its repose.”
-Light of the Kensai*

::: Guardians of Destiny :::
:Training Intensive (Level I):

The Guardian Training Intensive (Level I) provides an integrative series of exercises and hands-on practices for Self-Discovery and empowerment. This is an opportunity to explore the fundamentals and dynamics of the Human Energy Field and its relationship to consciousness, the physical body and other bodies, as well as receive training in a diverse selection of practical applications.

During the weekend, we also cover essentials in conflict resolution, community and ceremonial guardianship, and relationship dynamics. The range of practices span from advanced metaphysical techniques to very simple shifts in presence and direction to elicit immediate and noticable changes both internally and externally. At the Heart of this cocreation, our intention is to bring forth the natural gifts of all attendees, and deepen our capacity for Love, healing, and awakening.

Exploring EnergyThe first phase of the Intensive explores Energy. Enhance your sensitivity to Energy in its many forms, and bring conceptual Energetics into your physical experience. Develop a deeper familiarity with each of the layers of the Energy Body, and learn techniques for moving Energy in very specific and precise ways. Work with others to link, braid, and co-create tangible fields and circles. The Art of the Jedi is knowing the Force in all its Forms.

Awakening BodyThe second phase of the Intensive awakens the Body. Discover methods for building up charge in the Body, raising the Kundalini and applying it for magical, martial, or sensual purposes. Move energy through each part of your Body, and focus it to heal, clear, or release Force. Become proficient in holding states of Yang or Yin, balancing the Body, and allowing real Power to emerge in your movements through proper grounding and relaxation. The Body of the Jedi is true Temple.

Expanding ConsciousnessThe third phase of the Intensive expands Consciousness. Step outside the physical, and recognize the way that Consciousness acts and interacts in other Dimensions. Identify and focus your Consciousness on the Etheric and Astral Planes, and explore techniques for enhancing your awareness, enabling higher-sensory perception, and remote viewing. Develop the fundamental skills for lucid dreaming, teleportation, and accessing causal realms. The Consciousness of the Jedi contains all Locks, and holds all Keys.

Friday ::: Opening at 6:00pm, Closing at 10:00pm
Saturday ::: Opening Circle at 12 noon, Closing at 7:00pm
Sunday ::: Opening Circle at 12 noon, Closing at 7:00pm

$111 Offering Requested for Registration

PayPal using the Schedule Button on this Page
or Contact Adam Apollo for other arrangements
Location to be provided by Registration or Contact

This training is currently half the normal price, and will be located at a beautiful cabin deep in the redwoods. You are invited to come and stay on location, bringing food, water, and bedding for the weekend. This special session will be immersive, with potential for evening fireside stories and exploration, environmental training, and more.

Important Reminders:

Please dress for cold weather.
Please bring camping gear and extra blankets.
(Although there are two futons and one bed in the cabin with space on the carpet for sleeping bags.)
Please bring a flashlight.
Please bring throw pillows for sitting.
Please bring a water bottle (There will be filtered spring water provided).
Please bring food for yourself and to share.
There is a kitchen inside (with a fridge) as well as an outdoor kitchen.

Suggested Materials:

A personal item for the altar
Musical Instruments
Yoga mat or Floor Pillow
Notebook & Writing Materials

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