Existing models for ARV (Alien Reproduction Vehicles) are based on advanced technologies that have serious side effects. Most of these devices work through massive electromagnetic devices, which generate fields that can be detrimental to life. Also, controlling these massive fields consistently creates problems; accidentlly opening rifts in the fabric of space-time, permanently knocking out all other electromagnetic devices, or entering atmospheric anomalies that suddenly change the functionality of the system.

Without a full exopolitical exposition (click the Blue Navigation Sphere for more information), let’s just say that not all extraterrestrial technologies are created equal. There are ways to create and adjust gravitational fields without use of massive and dangerous electromagnets.

We know that Light has the exclusive property of being able to maintain its relative speed to any object, no matter what relative speed that object is going in comparison to any other object. [a] This property allows light to have a fundamental “right of way” in the fabric of space-time….

Technical Specifications section:

Independent field layers can be embedded to adjust Gravitational effects inside and outside of a neutralization field. A normal Gravity spacetime field can be established internally in a vehicle, then a layer that neutralizes all Gravity isolates the craft from the surrounding space-time fabric, then an outside layer communicates relative positioning changes to the space-time around the craft.

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