Sphere: 4 Dimensional Position
3 Dimensional Spacetime
Dodecagram: Vector Equilibrium Form
Spacetime Dimensional Equilibrium

Self – 1.

Time – 2.

Now the Self in perceiving the Other coming into existence begins to experience the Everything in the Other changing, and recognizes that each Other is different and distinct.

Microcosm: DNA

Within these differences and distinctions, there are also apparent patterns, visible through the Harmonics of Trinities (3x4=12), Creations (4x3=12), and Vibrations (6x2=12) embedded within the dynamics of change in the awareness of Reality.

These patterns of distinction are Archetypes, forming the pathways for the Ray of Creation to become the many different forms of Consciousness. These pathways allow for the vibrations of the Self to interact and interface directly with the vibrations of the Other, which is the Light Language of the Heart.

Microcosm: In a very special evolution of configurations, Molecules form DNA, which is able to record information and store information across endless generations. This allows the Molecules to take on a larger state of purpose, as being a resource for storing and enabling interpersonal record keeping as well as the merging of two different individual configurations into a new and more complex configuration that each child contains.

Metacosm: Relational Reality

Biocosm: Tissues together form Organs, where the individual structures of the tissue now take on a collective purpose, allowing complete configurations to interact and relate with each other as more than a sum of parts. The heart has purpose, as do the lungs, stomach, bones, and every other Organ in our bodies.

Metacosm: Each of our individual Minds come together to form Relationships, which are the foundational structure for understanding our individual purpose and living in a state of communion with the Universe around us. Through our relationships, our individual states evolve and merge with others, forming more complex beings and giving birth to entirely new ideas and states of being.

Macrocosm: Our Solar System along with all the other stars we can see in the sky form the Galaxy, which takes the collective energy and configurations of each individual Star System and is slowly but surely bringing them all into greater coherence, and eventually, a state of Singularity. The Solar System is seen in it’s individual beauty as part of a greater whole of many Solar Systems, forming a collective purpose and identity through Relationships.

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