Just Listening In
Where do we begin

These stories must be told
Before we grow old

Why do we open up our eyes
Just to forget what lies behind
We enter this dance
Without the steps

Finding each other
As some foreign other
What of the time we spent
What of the feelings inside
Can we really forget
Or just deny?

Is it so we can discover
More of the Life and Beauty
Emerging in our Lovers?

Is it so we can reveal
The myriad mystical dimensions
Latent in our fields?

Is it so we can renew
Exploring more spaces and embraces
Between me and you?

It’s not that I don’t know
Some things are illuminated
Right from the get go

But its in the Re-Minders
As we Re-Member
That Render

How else can Her face
Melting from Sister
With her Ancient Bow
To my Mother
Lady of the Duke
Bearer of the Gift
Of my Three Half-Sisters
Not tangle my space
In a mind-twister
But instead ground me
In myself even deeper
Knowing who I truly Am

How else can He stand
Younger than I as Man
Yet my Father by the Magic
Of the Dragon’s Song
And once long before
When the lizards came
To our Desolate Planet
And our Souls would never
Be the same

How can She
This torrent of energy
That shakes my very bones
With her Dragon body
Be so small and soft
Embracing Me
A Mother indeed

And the Kiss of a Woman
Become the kiss of my Daughter
And not shatter my conception
Of the Now in an instant
But instead unfold
My Heart
In Endlessness

And my other Daughter
Egypt in her every Breath
Sitting on my lap crying
My Soul exploding
In Pure Joy
To find her again

And this Beautiful Bird
Sister of the Sphinx
Bearing my Nephew
Who I would pass
This Ancient Staff
Along Unto

And here another
A Lady of Avalon
Standing before me
In the Stone Circle
As I kneel to receive
A Coronation

And here another
An Ageless Knight
Kneeling before me
In the Stone Circle
As I touch his shoulders
With my Sword

Then there is One
Who weaves through
So many memories
As Lover and Sister
And so much more
At the bleeding edge
Of the knowing of names
That would solidify our bodies
Into the timeless potential of Now

There are so many more
And the tales will emerge in time
As our Souls confirm each other
In this Sacred Eternal Rhyme

For who we have been
Always gives rise
To who we can Be

If we have spent a lifetime training
In the Art of Swordsmanship
Or the Dance of Politics
Why train again?

Why not simply Re-Member
And gain those many years
Of knowledge and development
In a single moment of “oh yeah”

They say “better to forget the Past”
And “focus only on the Present”
But what is the Present
If not the culmination
Of Every Moment?

I say it’s better to Remember
To understand the Mysteries
Of why we feel the way we Do
And discover each other
As more than one another

Do you remember me?
Were we here once before?
Do you see what I’m seeing?
How do you feel in this memory?
What in your life aligns with this?
Has that time period always resonated for you?
What part of you Now is afraid of who you were?
Are you ready to become all that you Are?
Can you forgive yourself for the Past?
Will you open to your Potential?
Can you Know Yourself Now?

It is time, for there is no other
If we are to accomplish this mission
We must relinquish that which holds us back
And begin to listen more deeply
To each other and everything

For Discovery of Self
For Healing of Gaia
For Love of Being

And Knowing our Paths are woven
In a Perfect Synchronized Dance
From the Beginning to the End
This Divine Romance

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