Transformus 2016 – Liquid D&B & Chillstep

Liquid D&B

In this LIVE set from Transformus, the regional Burning Man Festival in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, we journey through layers of Self and Soul. Break down your darkest shadows, discover the gifts inherent within, and incorporate and accept all aspects of yourself…

This set was an absolute JOY to play, on the heels of Order of Elim rocking blistering neurofunk and roaring Matrix-busting Drum & Bass. I worked to bring that level of intensity into the early part of my set, then bring it through into Liquid drops and heart-felt ballads with delicious basslines.

The cover image is a shot of our incredible stage at The Landing Pad, complete with rotating torus, illuminated hexgrids, fountain, fire, growing plants, and more. I added a couple Sigils for Transformus, Guardian Alliance, and my own Triple Triforce… AAA

Please enjoy, download, share, and let me know what you think:


Sunrise Chillstep

This second set from Transformus 2016 opened the Gates at the end of the night to a beautiful Sunrise. It captures the essence of beauty in transformation, which is why I felt it was so appropriate to share today.

Many people today are grieving in the United States over the corruption of the Democratic National Convention and the loss of Bernie Sanders as a nominee for President. Where I saw great hope in so many people, I now see so much distaste for the corrupt American Political System, and fear at what is to come.

With this music, I say to them: do not be afraid. Even the darkest night gives way to the Dawn. This path of shadow is essential to our true awakening of inner power and sovereignty. We can only make these massive changes ourselves, and we must be the leaders and drivers that bring real social, economic, and environmental justice to the people.

Remember, in your heart lies the key to the greatest gift of all…

Full track listings available on Mixcloud.


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August 1, 2016

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