Sanctified Solutions, LLC

Update: Adam Apollo has resigned as CIO of Sanctified Solutions.


Sanctified Solutions LLC presents the merchandise release platform and network for acclaimed Tibetan Thangka artist Romio Shrestha, and will provide global distribution opportunities for other upcoming visionary artists.

Our intention is to deliver the highest quality of desirable and inspiring product line to fully and deeply represent spiritual traditions featured through visionary artwork.  We will distribute these products through established markets, while trailblazing new marketing and distribution approaches. The products will be eventually visible and accessible from any computer, smart phone, or tablet, and shared physically through established festival and store based networks that Sanctified Solutions has engaged.

We see this plan eventually progressing to include and sustain international communities that create products for the Sanctified Solutions line of merchandise, enabling deeper sustainability transitions and harnessing natural and cultural resources.

Sanctified Solutions LLC Project Initiatives

Romio’s Bazaar represents the physical distribution network of products being sold in retail locations and through the e-commerce platforms of SS. Each marketplace will carry specific products and access local markets by means of regional and demographic specific advertising. These marketplaces will expand to more locations as the business scale increases to handle appropriate distribution needs, while the SS website will always carry a full range of available product.

Romio’s Media expands the online representation of Romio’s images in the Gallery of the SS website, into many forms of interactive art and media. This will be a combination of video, gaming, 3D gallery, and interactive media that will combine professional digital designers, cottage industry fashion designers, professional musicians, video professionals, mobile application specialists, software designers and special effects experts to create specific media for greater delivery and distribution.

Romio’s Divine Villages is a merchandising and non-profit marketing campaign, focusing on fundraising for direct material and media support of seven villages around the globe, including the reforming of Romio’s school of master Thangka painters in Nepal.


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July 20, 2010