Red Lightning

In 2009, Adam Apollo co-founded Red Lightning alongside Laurel Kitten, Brad Nye, Niema Lightseed, Geo, and others.
It all began with a vision to hold a sacred space on the Playa…a cosmic space for all to heal, to grow, and to transcend beyond something greater than ourselves. From there, a doctrine was written.   We believe   …in the spiritual and physical connection with Mother Earth. …in the unbridled reclamation of our pure hearts. …in the deep interconnectedness between our sisters and brothers. …in honoring the divine feminine.   These beliefs were the foundation of Red Lightning’s creation.   The first year was profound, not only for the collective family who envisioned and created Red Lightning, but also for the brothers and sisters who were fed by its beauty.  In 2009, every day on the Playa, all gathered together in beautiful spirit to revere in the greatness of the camp, and to take part in and embrace everything it stood for without reservation or hesitancy. To the founders of Red Lightning, the impact of the camp was deeply spiritual. The experiences were not only life altering, but for many it set the course for their life’s journey.   Nine tipis framed the Red Lightning community on the Playa. Each one, a lodge, blessed by the Indigenous, and representing a phase of life, from conception to death. Collective healing arose from the lodges, while those being healed embraced three distinct, yet converging elements. The witness of male and female energies coming together in respectful, and supportive harmony. The journey to wholeness with the blood moon mysteries. And, harmoniously, and with great emotion, the return to spirit. Red Lightning in its remarkable infancy provided a safe womb for all to slow down and return to a grounded center and peaceful state of mind, in essence, providing medicine for the soul.   The venerated birth of Red Lightning was unimaginably beautiful, and much like the cycles of life, each subsequent year the camp blossomed and transformed into a greater version of itself. Moving forward, we respectfully pave the way to honor Red Lightning’s heritage, and we remember where we started. We do this by upholding our commitment to revere the divine feminine and sacred masculine, by creating a protected community for our brothers and sisters, and by returning to its original vision – offering a sacred space on the Playa for everyone to heal, to grow and to transcend together in love and spirit.
Adam Apollo was also awarded the Gathering of the Tribes award for Spiritual Leadership in 2009 at Burning Man.