Aquarius Arising Eclipse LuvDown – 8.8.8 Lions Gate Release

This set was crafted and recorded in a live mix during the Lunar Eclipse window in Aquarius, bringing together the powerful energies of clarity and certainty that landed during that Eclipse, along with the deep currents of love, wisdom, sovereignty, and reconciliation that have rippled through the time since then.

This set is being released on the 8.8.8 Lions Gate portal, after the Eclipse Energies have had time to simmer and settle in to more defining truths about our lives and our paths forward. I’m just returning from spending over a week in Paris, where my beloved and I went through deep journeys of love, pain, and healing in our process of moving into separation in our marriage.

How can we create sovereignty and space while deepening love and support for each other? This dance was our discovery. This set is a soundtrack of rediscovery of self, and movement into clarity of love, healing, and unity as well as individuality and sovereignty. May it inform your heart with medicine and support you in all your own life transformations…

With Love,
Adam Apollo


Posted on

June 6, 2019


  1. vincent lartizien

    Bravo for your work and commitment 🙂
    From France

  2. Verena

    Thank you so much Adam for your generosity and putting all this music out there for free! This mix is absolutely amazing!!


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