A brief introduction:

My experience of the Pleiadian species has been deeply refined and confirmed through many Souls who were of this Star Family before travelling to Earth long ago. What most of them share in common is a powerful connection to the Oceans, beautiful experiences of awakening or Self-Empowerment through swimming or being in Water, and often times a strong telepathic connection to Cetaceans like Dolphins and Whales.

Through other’s memories and natural capacities, as well as my own direct experience with Pleiadian beings, it has become clear that their species has deeply mastered the Emotional Field and the ability to use Sound to precisely vibrate matter into certain positions and configurarations. In one of my journey’s I was shown how young initiates on a planet entirely covered in Oceans except for some small island chains would learn to develop the ability to sing to Water in such a way that they could then walk upon its surface.

I look forward to sharing much more about these beautiful beings soon!

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