Point: 1 Dimensional Position
0 Dimensional Spacetime
Metacosm: Body

Macrocosm: Earth

Each act of Creation can be both experienced and observed. Experience is embedded within the interaction, and observation encompasses the interaction.

When the alchemical dance between Yin and Yang and the Balance between them is observed, the observer is the Spirit, witnessing and encompassing the dance of energy in existence as a fourth essence. In this state, the observer is experiencing Creation, and observing the Balance.

When the observer then decides to observe this experience of Creation, a new layer of creation is made possible. As Yin, Yang, and the Balance, or the light frequencies of Red, Blue, and Yellow, or the symbolic energies of Fire, Water, and Air, are observed to be part of a greater whole, the observer can now objectively view themselves. In the case of the symbolic energies of Fire, Air, and Water, these elements can be been to come together in a whole which can be symbolized as Earth.

The observer still exists as Spirit, observing everything, and Being or experiencing the state of unity or greater whole of all the things. Each time the observer steps out of the state of experiencing to observe it, a new layer of experience emerges. This is the nature of Reality, and is the Key to the Dimensionality of Consciousness.

When the observer first witnesses the experience of Creation, they have entered the realm of the Physical. From the moment of Birth, our first experience of being an Individual is our Physical separation from our Mothers.

To experience the Physical, one only needs to sense something. No change is necessary, as the Physical is simply what IS. Like a point or a particle, we define a Physical object by its position, size, and mass relative to other Physical objects, and no passage of time is required to refine this description.

Historically, most of the earliest religions on the Planet focused on a relationship with Divinity through Physical experience. Looking at their bodies and the lands around them for signs to understand the great “What” and “Why” of Life, several things were noticed by most early peoples on Earth.

They recognized that there were clearly “directions” in their relationship to the world around them. There was the direction they saw when they turned their heads all the way to the right, and there was the direction they saw when they turned all the way to the left. There was the direction in front of them, and the direction behind their backs. Then there was them, their centers, their bodies, connected to the Earth and to the Sky.

They saw the Sun and Moon rising in one direction, and setting in another. Those living far from the Equator saw that the stars rotated around a point in one direction, and not in the other. They designated the four directions because there were distinct experiences in each of these directions.

Some also related these four directions to four elements, as they saw that there were hard things that seemed part of the Earth, liquid things that flowed like Water, hot things that burned and transformed like Fire, and intangible things that shifted like the wind and Air.

They also realized that they were somehow experiencing all of these things, as a part of them, and also distinct from them in some way. These elements were all inside of them, and yet they were not any of the elements in themselves. They were Spirits, breathing Air, drinking Water, and eating Earth, with a Fire inside each of them.

Recording this Sacred Knowledge, some drew a cross to the four directions, with a circle in the center. Others drew a star with five points inside a circle, bringing the observer element of Spirit into the Circle with the four directions as four elements. Through the crafting of these Sigils, they developed a way to communicate with the Divine through the Physical realm, and understand its messages as a language.

As we have come to understand the Universe, we now can witness the fractal way in which each octave of scale in the Universe contains a layer that seems to exist for the sole purpose of allowing Physical experience to occur.

Microcosm: The nucleus of each atom contains within it the Physical mass of the atom, which gives us the experience of an object’s weight and density. It is this experience that gives us a sense of an object’s physical presence. Air seems “less physical” than Water, simply because it is lighter.

Biocosm: The nucleus of each cell in your body contains within it all the information that stores the Physical blueprint of your entire body. The physical body itself is a result of the capacity of these nuclei to host this information, as it is the passing of this data from one cell to another that builds every part of your body into the physical shape, form, and function you experience.

Metacosm: The body is in turn the nucleus of our entire Physical experience. It carries the tools that we use to experience physical reality, and confirm these experiences through senses, feelings, and changes in our physical form.

Macrocosm: The Earth is the nucleus of our cosmological Physical experience. It is our vehicle in space-time, and it hosts all the physical events and processes that compose each facet of our lives and sensorial experiences.

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