Explore evidence of lost ancient technologies on a journey to many sacred sites, visiting ancient megalithic structures, temples, and ancient ruins. Enjoy breathtaking hikes, spectacular sunrises & sunsets, beautiful ceremonies and a full moon ARK® crystal meditation at Machu Picchu. Be immersed in the Incan culture as we connect with local villages, children, crafts, music, delicious food, historical traditions & amazing archaeological discoveries.

Here’s the list of places we visited on this epic adventure, the second major international convergence of the Resonance Academy Delegate Gathering. See below for photos, and then a full storyline from my Instagram (with links to videos and more photos)…

1. Walking tour Cusco
2. INKA Museum
3. Moray Archaeological Site
4. Maras Salt Pools
5. Saqsayhuaman
6. Rodadero
7. Kenqo
8. Lanla Kuyog Fertility Temple
9. Qoa Temple
10. Tambo Machay
11. Tipon Ancient Site

12. Andahyalillas Chapel
13. Huaro Museum
14. Pisaq Ruins
15. Hurco Ceremonial Site
16. Ollantaytambo Ruins
17. Machu Picchu Full Moon Ceremony
18. Machu Picchu + Mountain or Huayna Picchu Hike
19. Sun Temple Qorikancha
20. Raqchi Wiracocha Temple
21. La Raya
22. Pucara Museum

23. Hot Springs
24. Inka Uyo Fertitlity Temple
25. Portal of Aramu Moro
26. Tiwanaku
27. Puma Punko
28 Chincheros Village
29 Seminario Ceramic Arts
30 Sun Temple ISLA DEL SOL
31 Lake Titicaca sunset boat trip
32 Visiting Islands UROS floating Islands
33 Moon Temple * Bolivia

Stories from Peru & Bolivia:

Our first day out on tour led us to some magical places. From a gorgeous lookout where I led an Astral Journey to the top of the peak in the 2nd pic and met Ancestor Guardians of the Inka and the Ancients who built most of the megalithic structures (more on that soon), to the sacred resonance circles of seven upon seven which vibrate even small sounds into reverberating fields… Salt pools in a deep valley form from hot springs gushing out of an ancient sea underground, and our first glimpse of the vast difference between #Incan stone work and the ancient #megalithic Structures underneath. View the story and Photos by Adam Apollo on Instagram

Our final site yesterday was caught during a beautiful sunset. We explored the exquisite elegance of the #precataclysmic stone work of the Ancients, and the work of the #Inca built on top to leverage these power sites. This was just a glimpse… Today’s sites were mind blowing! I’ll share more tomorrow about that, and the stone work that rivals the largest stone structure in Egypt such as the Kings Chamber, the most Ancient Pillars, and the #megalithic walls of the Sphinx Temple. View the story and Photos by Adam Apollo on Instagram

We entered through a long dark passage with no light, feeling our way through with sound and touch… Then we came to a large circular landing pad (also used as a Star mirroring pool and water charging station), after a bit of Qi Gong cleansing. Then the overlook led us to see the scale and magnitude of this site. The #megalithic stones fitted perfectly in wave after wave, clearly molded with advanced sonic technology and moved with gravitational modulation. An elder of the land blessed us with insight after insight of universal wisdom and the secrets of the precataclysmic people and the Inca’s work to keep some of the knowledge alive, if not the tech itself… See videos and set on Instagram for more info. Part one of #saqsaywaman pronounced “Sak say uman”

Part two, and further adventures into a royal bathing site where we blessed the waters with two 64 tetrahedral #Ark matrices. Our affect on the locals was beautiful, with waves of gratitude pouring in, knowing and feeling our #sacred work. View Adam Apollo on Instagram

These photos are from a day I hiked far above the main city structure with Judah, and found a secret temple called #Intiwatana. There was a sacred water altar within, where I had a vision of a High Priestess offering her blood while squatting on two stones above where the Inca Canal cascades into the Temple Complex. It was so moving, and such a deep blessing to find this Ancient place of Prayer, that I had to follow the Inca Canal up the mountain to its origin spring (next post)… I saw that the Priestess would offer drops of her #Moon #Blood to bless the whole city complex, a complicated series of canals and waterfalls… I took so many amazing photos I’m still going through them. I’ll share more on the Inca Canal next…

Above the Intiwatana Temple with the Goddess Moon Blood Shrine, I followed the #Inca Canal all the way up the mountain… It took me nearly 20 shots of long runs of the canal to capture it all, but here are a few snapshots followed by a couple videos of the upper part of this waterway built into the ground with stone…

From the #Intiwatana Temple of the Goddess Moon Blood shrine, the water would flow down another long stretch of the Inca Canal and all the way to the city reservoir, where the waterfalls originate in the complex. While the water was not flowing at this time, one good rain would have it gushing again… Such a beautiful and inspiring system of magic and creation! Check out these videos and shots…

After #Tipon, we Visited these guys… I did some Tai Chi and a short workshop on the geometry of the Body #Starship as a primer for doing #Astral Travel work in Machupicchu… #extraterrestrial #elongatedskulls

The ancient city above #Pisac in the Sacred Valley was spectacularly beautiful. From endless terraces to a city built into cliffs, to epic pathways over the mountain leading to the Sacred Temple (next post)… I am continuously in awe of the spectacular beauty and grace of these ancient #precataclysmic ruins, repaired and extended by the #Inca Empire… View the Parque Arqueologico de Pisaq

Through the yoni cave at #Pisac, we find the Holy of Holies, a mound of melted stone in the heart of a perfect ancient stone chamber with an entry gate and a clear altar for some powerful ancient device… Here was one of the Arks, power center for this city and valley. I meditated here with my brother over our @arkcrystals and tapped into the deep well of wisdom in this site, and felt the weather immediately shift. The rains came soon after (sorry for the sideways video) and a #Quechua man played us prayer songs on his flute as the storm passed over… Watch the videos and see the photos here.

#Ollantaytambo – The gargantuan stones of this wall built high above the valley floor, atop steep cliffs and terraces, all came from the mountain top seen on the left in the first image. There is a quarry there, where matching cuts and other stones have been found, and the exact geology of the stones identified. Of course, that mountaintop towers steeply above the valley, and imagining attempts to haul a 70+ ton #megalith (or 20) down the mountain and back up the other side of the valley is laughable. Brian Forrester shared a story of one of the Incan Kings who tried to get another stone from there, resulting in the death of many of his men. He never succeeded. These stones are cut with laser precision, fitted exactly, and even embossed with relief designs like the Chakana. They were clearly transported across the valley with advanced technology, most likely with gravitational control and cymatic sculpting… View more of Ollantaytambo

More of the amazing stone work from #Ollantaytambo including water works, an ancient calendar, and more impossible stone fittings...

Playing with kids and the ark crystals at Ollantaytambo…

After Ollantaytambo we traveled by bus and then train to #MachupicchuPueblo, deep in the Sacred Valley. No cars allowed. The train ride was gorgeous. I met this little hairless dog with a bright orange Mohawk the first night. Our hotel was right on the rushing river…. In my next post, I’ll begin sharing the series from the Ancient City of #Machupicchu, high above the town of Agua Calientes, perched on a small plateau above cliffs and steep mountainsides…

Entering #Machupicchu… Yes, it is as gorgeous as you imagined. Mountaintop majesty surrounded by steep valleys and soaring peaks, layered with temples and #precataclysmic #stone construction, with Incan repairs and many additions. This sanctuary has seen Ages come and pass, the layers of life visible in the ancient architecture. Breathtakingly beautiful at every turn… Many more photos to come of this special spot…

Further exploration of the core #Temple and the stone work of #prehistoric #precataclysmic civilizations… The stone seat at the top seems perfectly poised to hold a resonance capacitor, an Ark… Yet the walls all around it are missing and the giant stone shrapnel to the East suggests a massive explosion…an eruption of the Ark? Very possibly, as we see this same pattern of destruction around the Nexus Holy Center of other Temples across what is now known as #Peru

I gathered a group of Delegates to lead an Astral Travel Intro where the most ancient stones and jungle spill from an old temple in #machupicchu. I brought so many travelers to this place in the past, I had to seed exploration on the Astral from this location, building neurological and energetic bridges with my existing Astral awareness. After further exploration, we found the #Vulture #Temple, where Incan initiates would learn to journey across the #Planes (#AstralTravel)…

I spent a beautiful #Thanksgiving in #machupicchu with this wonderful family, and explored the arts and magic of the gushing river in this Sacred Valley… 

On our second day in #machupicchu, we hiked to the top of Machupicchu Mountain. We journeyed up endless staircases built into the stone, with beautiful green veins and large slate and crystalline stone steps. The clouds rolled like tendrils over us and around the mountains… Reaching the top was a feat, though even our Delegate Debra eventually managed to scale the peak. The magic of the energy in these mountains is powerful and Transformative. It can take your weaknesses and realign them into superpowers… Shrouded in the clouds, the energy at the top resonated with the Songs of Ancient Ancestors. “Here we are.” They sing.

After our last day at #Machupicchu we headed back to #Cusco, and said farewell to some of our Delegates under a Rainbow 🌈 Solar Ring… I made a Bucky-ball Matrix with 20 @arkcrystals both with polar input and equatorial spin, and polar output with equatorial input to share as a lesson on energy flow with a few friends. Joel Dietz made a special appearance, and I had time that evening to reflect on the many beautiful moments I shared with this #ResonanceAcademy family. Here’s a very small sampling of them.
Next up: Lake Titicaca & Bolivia

On our way to Lake Titicaca, we were going to stop briefly at this temple site… A young woman met us, and shortly after realizing we were there for a deeper spiritual purpose, and we asked her if she had seen anything unusual in the Sky, she begins telling us many stories of encounters with #extraterrestrial beings. Her mother had contact many times, and she herself had seen ships and beings on many occasions. Her mother calls us Synchronistically while we are connecting with her. They end up joining us and offering ceremonies at Sacred Sites for the rest of our journey into Bolivia!

Our first adventure in #LakeTiticaca brought us to a beautiful island, where we explored an old #Temple and held a #healing ceremony for all the Delegates with the aid of our local Priestesses…

On our second gorgeous island (Taquiles) on #LakeTiticaca we were fed fresh trout from the lake. We hiked down to the boats and glimpsed the huge snow caps of the Andes, as high as some of the Himalayas… Our boat headed off straight towards a lightning storm at Sunset. We somehow avoided the storm, but caught rainbows and glorious light

Preparin our Delegate scallywags, for the stormy seas were a blowin, and our ship made of metal was headin straight for the lightnin’…  Video courtesy of the lovely @tipsygypsy8

Blessed Be the #Ancient Gates, the #Temples and stairs, the Channels of #Water and Sacred #Springs… The magic of #LakeTiticacaView the sacred gate

The people of the islands on #LakeTiticaca were so sweet and wonderful. These girls had their alpaca and joined us for time at a Sacred fountain spring coming right out of the mountain. Beautiful lake vistas surrounded us, and the water was beautiful. I even saw an old Incan style boat with red robed men manning it. Gorgeous water, but edges where people have dumped trash on the hillsides with no regard for the affect on the landscape…

Isla de Luna provided more insights to the ancient foundations on which the #Inca built their #Temples. This site had clear precataclysmic walls supporting the terraces on which the #Moon #Temples were constructed. You can see the difference in stone work and fits, similar to the work we see in other areas of #Peru and #Bolivia, where #Incan and other recent civilizations built on #Ancient work done over 13,000 years ago

I feel called to share the #SunGate. This amazing artifact is a single piece of granite which obviously had some technology built into it as a resonance capacitor. The air shimmered in the doorway, and I led a group of Delegates in meditation circle to open the gate on the Astral and find out where it is linked to… We were visited by some beings who were camouflaged on the Astral as Incan Priests, but then they briefly revealed themselves as #extraterrestrials when I inquired about the disguise. They shared some beautiful wisdom and the energy was extremely powerful for all of us in Circle… The message?
#Service to #Gaia and all life is the ultimate practice. View on Instagram

The great city of #Tiahuanacu lay in ruins for the most part, Ancient gates and temples strewn about from some blast powerful enough to leave a crater where a pyramid once stood… Many artifacts were moved into a nearby museum, including the gate pictured here and many strange stones, as well as a massive Statue of a being we were not allowed to photograph… I managed to take some shots of the black basalt #Puma here, though I had to hide my camera. This type of stone can only be scratched or cut by Diamond, or something else with a hardness of 10… Like many statues in Egypt, such creations are a mystery not solved by modern archeology. Only through peering into the ancient precataclysmic cultures and technologies can we begin to glimpse the source of such arts… Some stones, like the big disc here, are metallic inside, attracting magnets…

Our last major site visit was #PumaPunku in #Bolivia. The stone cuts here were unbelievable. Obviously not chiseled, formed with laser precision and neatly structured to hold metal technologies and magnetic systems. While this Pyramid Temple was nearly leveled, the ancient stones set to stand again by local archeological groups hinted at a gorgeous #precataclysmic #temple. It was a deep honor to explore this place

One of the most fascinating aspects of #PumaPunku were these slots which clearly held some sort of metallic pins that linked stones. They were not deep enough in any location to be used structurally, so they must have been used for resonance or electromagnetic conduction. In this final series from #Bolivia I also share a couple close ups of the holes bored in stone here, and the remnants of another Sun Gate which nearly matches the one nearby in #Tiahuanacu.

Thank you #Peru and #Bolivia for being so exquisitely epic. On to the next adventures, which are already unfolding with brilliance and grace as I enter this new year. Here’s a few beloved moments and faces of the #ResonanceAcademy in review…

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