I-Ching Fu Hsi Translation
Synaptic Transcription
I-Ching Spherical Inter-relation

This is the largest version I’ve seen, and I found it in an interesting passage researching the Mathematical connections between Hesiod’s “Theogony” and the I-Ching. There is no direct reference to the Sphere as an image, as far as I can tell, but it is included at the bottom of the passage.

However, through my own studies of the I-Ching, and internal revelation concerning its sacred patterns, I have divined some information regarding this image. I’m also providing some corrections here, directly from the author of the image, Lothar Teikemeier.

Most notable initially is the pattern of Hexagrams and “Hexagram-Sets” in each Vertical Circle:
From the Top Down:

1 Hexagram – Heaven (Above)
6 Hexagrams (Top Circle)
12 Hexagrams (Upper Circle)
3 Hexagrams (Inner Upper Circle)

The center of the Upper Circle is a Trinity that is included on this circle level, making 15 total on this layer. These are Hexagrams 15, 29, and 52.

This makes a total of 22 Hexagrams in the Upper Field.

12 Hexagrams – 6 Pairs (Outer Center Circle)
6 Hexagrams (Inner Center Circle)
2 Hexagrams – Fire over Water & Water over Fire (Core)

This makes a total of 20 Hexagrams in the Equatorial Core.

3 Hexagrams (Inner Lower Circle)
12 Hexagrams (Lower Circle)
6 Hexagrams (Bottom Circle)
1 Hexagram – Earth (Below)

Thats 22 in the Upper Sphere, 22 in the Lower Sphere, and 20 in the Core or Equator, forming the 64 Hexagram Set of the I-Ching. If those numbers don’t mean anything to you, here’s the same Top Down Pattern, linking Chakric Vibrations:

Star Seed 1(Above)
Sacral 6(Top Circle)
Heart 12(Upper Circle)
Throat 15 (Upper Circle with Outer and Inner Together)

22 Crown Total (see 21 Vibrational Matrix for Crown Chakra plus Heaven 1)

Heart 12 (Outer Center Circle)
Sacral 6 (Inner Center Circle)
Heart or Core Star 2 (2xHex=12)(Core)

20 Crown Total (see 20 Solar Seals of the 13 Moon Calendar and Mayan Tzolkin)

Heart 12 (Lower Circle)
Sacral 6 (Bottom Circle)
Earth Star 1 (Below)

22 Crown Total (see 21 Vibrational Matrix for Crown Chakra plus Earth 1)

Now if you are still not familiar with these references, I recommend studying some Flower of Life and Seed of Life information, and also look into the nature of I-Ching as a model of Space-Time “permutation.”

Lothar also says, “For reasons of the analogy between Sepher Yetzirah and I-Ching it’s necessary to insist, that there are 22 above, 22 below and 20 (= 10 pairs) in the middle. But naturally … it might well be, that another system-maker on the world took another reading in consideration of the same mathematical conditions.”

Also see this page for another construction method for the Spherical form of the I-Ching.


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