After a long period of self-development and refinement, I finally opened up to identifying and learning about another of the Council Species. I tracked a ship in the atmosphere above Oahu, and it lead me to focus on a brilliant Star almost directly south, near the horizon below the feet of Canis Major. It was Canopus, of the constellation Carina (Keel). I spent a lot of time just receiving energy from this Star, opening to what information channels were flowing readily through it. Following some light pulses, I began to see a larger system of stars that were clearly going to be a surface for a holographic transmission.

A moment later, a being resolved itself out of the stars and greeted me with sparkling eyes and a welcoming grunt. He had a wide, smooth saucerlike head that came to a gentle curved peak, like a rounded rice-farmer’s hat. The front of his head transitioned into a kind humanoid face, but with wide glittering dark eyes and almost no protrusion to the nose. A firm chin and thin lips made him immediately appear peaceful and considering. A flash in my mind’s eye outfitted him in a corded suit, similar to the pilot gear in the movie “The Last Starfighter.” I could see a warm light in his third-eye, and almost an electric glow around the edge of his head, as though his psychic field was well distributed to his surroundings.

His voice was then bounding through my head, and I found myself speaking his words out-loud to taste their texture and understand the energy of the dialect. My mouth found most of the forms familiar, and the language sounded like a mix of Quiche Maya, Lakota, and Yahonian. It was somewhat thick with extended vowel sounds, but bouncy, formed between rich G, K and CH sounds.

I laughed out loud, as I knew he was expressing honor and gratitude for meeting with me, and I let my mouth carry forth my reciprocation of his appreciation. He asked about my recent Galactic Home, and I immediately brought the Sirian System into alignment with our shared telepathic space. He chuckled and nodded with some semblance of approval in his assessment.

“Where is your Planetary System?” I asked. My vision of him in the stars blurred, and the craft I had traced earlier shot downward in a luminous streak of light from the tail of Canis Major toward Canopus, and then a flash indicated another star to the upper left of the brilliant star in Carina, which I found later is called Tau Puppis (Stern). Another flash appeared equidistant from Canopus to the upper right, but when I looked, I could not see any visible stars in that location. Uncertain, I looked back at Tau Puppis, but again noticed some sort of energy imprint in its mirrored location. In understanding, I nodded and knew that although I could not see his star-system, it was there, at the same distance and angle from Canopus as Tau Puppis. I was immediately rewarded with a short streak of light nearby in the sky. Upon some Astronomical research, I believe the system may be around Beta Pictoris, a small star in the Pictor constellation, which means “Painter.”

Returning my focus to this being before me, holographically displayed in the stars above Canopus, I spent a few minutes just connecting with him, and asking him what name I should use to reference his Species. He laughed heartily, and the sound “NGUU-RA” resonated through my being. I said it back several times, getting a feel for it, and he seemed pleased.

After a time, I requested to learn a bit more about his people, and was greeted by a very feminine consciousness. In a visual flash, I could tell that the females of their species are very beautiful, and this reflection prompted another chuckle and feeling of deep appreciation flowing through our three-way telepathic field. She took me through a very brief history, where I was shown a variety of things about their species, and I will record these insights here as best as I am able to translate.

They seemed to build many of their early structures underground, but with open views to the sky. The sky was the home of their only real predator, a species akin to the Terradactyl. From the images I saw, it seemed that their head structures were first evolved as shields to protect them from aerial attacks. Later, their heads became one of their most powerful tools for sensing the environment around them, both physically and psychically.

Later, they mastered communication with the Terradactyl-like flying species, and learned to travel around their planet by developing a relationship with this species to ride them as mounts. This was a huge stepping stone for bringing their peoples together, and accelerating their technological prowess to a point of some major energetic revolutions.

Finally, I saw some sort of augmentation system for their thought-energy, which allowed stable levitation, and high-speed physical travel without external vehicles. This was the juncture that gathered the collective attention of the Galactic Council, and enabled the Nguura species to join the Family.

I hope to learn more from the Nguura, and will share those transmissions here and on my upcoming Galactic Family website as they become available

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