Plane: 3 Dimensional Position
2 Dimensional Spacetime
Heptagram: Divine Star Light Form
Spacetime Radiance & Expansion
Microcosm: Molecule
Biocosm: Tissues
Metacosm: Mentality
Macrocosm: Sun
Solar System

The observer steps outside the experience of Emotion, now percieving feelings as they have changed in time, and considering the source and forms of each. This act of observation is the step outside the realm of vibration, and into the space of identification, the realm of the Mind.

Just as the Two of Time (or vibration) always has a state of balance, so the Six of Light and Emotion has a state of perfect balance, the place where all vibration can be perceived in observation. This is the White Light at the center of the circle of color, which is transcendent to all colors, yet encompasses and penetrates them all.

Rationality is the action of the mind, creating containers for different vibrations, and is capable of changing any of them at any time. It acts like a cup holding water, changing the way waves move and flow in the water by changing its shape.

Microcosm: Atoms form molecules, and it is molecular structure, composed of single atoms and combinations of them, that form the many structures that we identify as different materials in our perception of the world. In this way, it is the structure of objects that gives us our particular concept of different items, differentiating wood from metal and other solids, water from wine and other liquids, oxygen from argon and other gasses, etc.

Biocosm: Together, cells form tissue structures. Each of these structures provide the cells with an extended function, forming brain tissue in a different strata than muscle and bone tissues. Our conceptual framework of the body itself is formed from different tissue structures.

Metacosm: Our bodies and vibrational fields form structures that mirror the mental structures we have. These structures can be collectively organized as our belief systems, yet they are built upon specific beliefs and conceptions about reality. Our mind creates structures or containers for our different states, which in turn are populated with different vibrational resonances and physical responses.

Macrocosm: The Earth and Moon system are a single atom within a much larger molecular structure that we call the Solar System. This system moves through countless configurations, which we have learned to map through the process of Astrology into the different geometric combinations and alignments that reflect the cycles and processes of our mental states. It is literally the structure of the Solar System itself that acts as a plane-like conceptual map of our collective mental state, which is then relative to each of our individual configurations, identified by the first geometric state of the Solar System we are exposed to upon leaving our Mother’s body and becoming and individual body.

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