Establish the area you wish to protect, contain, or adjust. Envision a circle surrounding this area, which can be on the surface of the ground or in the air at any altitude. If you are using this circle for personal casting, make sure it is no lower than your feet and no higher than the top of your head.

Envision the circle glowing brightly with white light (standard full-spectrum field boundary), and then allow everything except the circle and any important items you want to be involved in the casting (people to protect, items to charge, etc) to completely dissolve in your vision. Envision everything other than essential items vanishing into an endless void of space, as the night sky between the stars, which will clear all unnecessary vibrations from the area inside the circle. If it is easier, you may first allow absolutely everything (except the circle) to vanish, and bring back each of the important items into your awareness as you need them.

Everything inside this circle is within your energetic field and power; everything present will react to you and affect you.

If you need to define the 3D boundary of the circle, simply rotate the circle once along any horizontal axis, and envision the circle leaving behind a spherical surface of light, as if a bubble is being generated by the rotation.

Another option is to send the circle upward and downward, to form a vertical column or tube, extending into the Core of the Earth and upward to whatever distance you prefer. Envisioning that it extends infinitely is recommended.

The circle forms the fundamental membrane of energy that distinguishes the space where your intention is focused from areas and items that could create distraction or misdirect your energy. It also forms the fundamental shape that can contain any other vibration, geometry, or structure, and establishes the envelope in which these manifestations may take effect.

Circles can also be cast in very specific and specialized ways.

A circle can be created on the palm, any part of the body, or around an external object, then extended like a tube to any other point, surface, or object, which will create an open energy pipeline between the two ends.

A sphere can be generated around any volume of space to specifically adjust energy or craft fields in that volume. It is essential to be aware of what exists within that space, or to clear whatever is in that volume from your consciousness before adjusting the field.

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