An Astral Container is a Mental Field that is generated to establish a specific focus area for Magical Operations. When you cook dinner, you have an idea of the meal that you wish to create, and assemble the basic components needed to complete this operation.

Taking this literal metaphor further (;o), when you want to sautee some vegetables or garlic, you need a clean pan and a hot stove-top. The pan and the stove-top are the physical containers that you are going to use to cook the veggies.

When doing creative Mental or Astral Work, it is important to have a clean and clear space to “cook,” where you are not going to be distracted or adding unnecessary “spices” to the mix. There are several ways to do this:

1. Cast a Circle: Create an Energy Ring around yourself to use as a Sacred Workshop.
2. Set an Altar: Create a specific space to illustrate your communication with the Divine.
3. Access a Sacred Site: Go to an area that has natural protective properties.
4. Calibrate Chakras: Close certain Chakras and open others for specific results.

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