It is Time

When all has fallen
Shadows receding like tides
Tattered seaweed and sifting sands
Glass broken and slicing shards
Softened to smooth stones

The Sun kisses the Sea
The First Breath swells into Me
Heart pounding through the Stillness
Until the Endless Silence crashes in foam

Bubbles of Memories and Sensations
Cascading over yearning pores
Gates to Lightning in my Blood
Unlocked in a single Thought

It is You

Blinding me with the clarity of your reflection
Leaving me stammering to fill your pointed ears
Driving me through the rainstorms and dense fog
And Awakening the Trembles of Transformation

My eyes constantly seek your Grace
My ears strain to hear your Prayers
My nose flares with your Spices
My lips linger for your Honey
Such sweetness
You Are

I am clearly consumed
Gambling all my Heart Chips
Playing my cards with brash candor
Knowing no bluff can survive this table

Yet I have lost it all
So many dear times
What is it to play for broke?

I am already Lost
Cast to the Winds of Destiny
Pouring Forth my Faith
Flying Freefall

At least by Memory’s Measure…

Perhaps you will Love me Tonight
Perhaps you will Leave me Tomorrow

Perhaps you will
Always be Here
Perhaps you will
All Ways be Divided

Perhaps it is my Choice
Perhaps it is Yours
Perhaps Not

Either Way
I’m already diving
White cliffs streaking
Past in Perfect Detail

The Water Comes
To Embrace Me Completely
Whether in Death or in Birth
I have Yet to Discover
What Lies Beneath
The Frothy Surf

Either Way
The Tide is Turning

And Growing Wings
Is not out of the question…

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