A brief introduction:

The Laquinon species are non-planetary, as their planet was destroyed long ago. There is still a powerful light-grid where this planet used to be, and it is used by this species as a Galactic Archive Records Library. Like braids of rainbow light and geometric structures, where their cities used to be are now complex resonant pillars with multidimensional information lattices woven throughout them, and deep networks running through the interior of the planet’s lightbody.

These species can enter Physical or Etheric Form at will, having learned how to vibrate their bodies into higher and lower density states. These teachings are shared and used by highly-developed beings of other species within the Galactic Council, and are of course open to anyone within the Galactic Federation of species to explore and study if they wish to do so.

The Laquinon are Elders in the Galactic Council, as their species has been around since a very early period in our Galaxy’s development.

Recent Update:

I have received confirmation that the constellation Cassiopeia is a primary reference and communication portal for this species. Also, it is highly likely that the remnant of a supernova around Cassiopeia A is the actual location where their primary planet used to reside before the star exploded. The radio frequencies being released in this area are very extreme, even for a supernova.

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