This training activation includes:
Nourishment Optimization Training by Jillian Love.
Kinesthetic Movement Training by Master Spinner Vatra.
Integrative Jedi Training and Empowerment by Adam Apollo.

“The Guardian’s Spirit is that sword which pierces the veil, filling the cosmos. It refers to the vitality of actions, and the quality of inactions. The Guardian’s Spirit is not really a possession at all, but rather the force of the vital energy in which the totality of the Self mobilizes and takes its repose.”
-Light of the Kensai*

This day long Jedi Training Activation provides an integrative series of exercises and hands-on practices for Self-Discovery and empowerment. This is an opportunity to explore the fundamentals and dynamics of the Human Energy Field and its relationship to consciousness, the physical body and other bodies, as well as receive training in a diverse selection of practical applications.

In this second session of a series of three, we will be diving deeper into aspects of conflict resolution, community and ceremonial guardianship, as well as sensual alchemy and relationship dynamics.

In particular, this training will include focus on energetic exchanges through push-hands and Tai Chi martial arts forms, as well as swordform practices and spacial awareness techniques. Magical techniques will also be covered to enable individuals to isolate and disarm volatile energies, empowering people in disharmony with their surroundings to access new harmonic spaces and healing experiences.

The range of practices span from advanced metaphysical techniques to very simple shifts in presence and direction to elicit immediate and noticeable changes both internally and externally. At the Heart of this cocreation, our intention is to bring forth the natural gifts of all attendees, and deepen our capacity for Love, healing, and awakening.

This special session will also include high-vibration nourishment optimization training by Master Chef Jillian Love, and organic raw superfood nourishment throughout the day.

Jillian Love Nourishment Optimization Highlights:
·The Components: 3 things sapping your energy and keeping you from optimal health
·The Connection: Conscious eating to sustain your health as well as the health of our planet.
·The Tactics: Strategies to implement immediately to become more vital and healthy in your body, and spirit. Actions you can take now to address the physical causes of illness and physical degeneration and to optimize your performance
·The Skills: Hands on learning to prepare simple superfood nourishment

Master fire spinner and movement artist Vatra will also be leading a training in the basics of externalizing your awareness into fire tool weaving, providing advanced exercises for proficient artisans.

This training is a fundraiser for the Galactic Jedi camp, part of the Port11 (starport) district at Burning Man 2011. For more information:

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