The I-Ching is an ancient Chinese divination system. Early legends cite that the trigrams were discovered by a farmer on the shell of a turtle, and that in seeing them, he suddenly could predict everything that would happen in the future.

Chinese Emperors would have the classic reading form of three coins tossed daily, and then hear reports from around the kingdom, detailing what had happened. These reports were then recorded with the hexagram that was revealed in the coin toss, and kept in massive manuals that eventually became many of the I-Ching parables found in “The Book of Changes” today.

The I-Ching is based on simple energetic principles, and the dynamics between Yin and Yang. When fully understood, these dynamics reveal everything about our experiences in time, how they change, and what they mean. In the following information, you will find some new ways of using and interpreting the hexagrams in a way that is immediately applicable to your life now, instead of stories about the lives and cultures of people who lived thousands of years in the past. It is my hope that you begin to discover the nature of these energetic permutations through your own experiences, as I have.

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