Agent Basil:

Timewave zero approaches and we behave like christians awaiting the return of jesus and the hope of rapture/ascent. the advent of the birth of self-replicating silicon-based life is not far behind 2012, perhaps another 10 years. is it some form of perverse race observed by muses become bored with ancient gladiators in new garb? is humanity merely placental? i focus on the fact that some of the extraterrestrials fascinated with life on this planet are probably drawn to the mechanical signals that have emanated from this orb during the last century. what is the unique contribution of our species? certainly not our intellect, that will be surpassed in speed and breadth and collective networking of silicon-based life before it is even born (takes its first breath of sentience, who will the adam and eve of digital procreation be?). certainly not our physical bodies as supple and as talented as some are, we neither fly nor can live underwater, nor have much remnant of survival strength. no, our trump card is in our emotionality, our mammalian nurturance, our feminine side. when will we collectively recognize our key strength? what will we do with that? how could we as a species shine? make art, my dears, be passionate, evolve our non-rationality. for the metallic without soul will not care if we humans self-destruct and in our wake decimate all organic life, for siliconica will be able to burrow below the naked landscape of a barren earth. it is time for us to live fully, artist warriors, waging creativity. splatter the virtual landscape with enigma and graffitti and inconceivable kindness.

Agent Adam Apollo:

It is indeed the resonance of feeling that pervades our authentic Human experience, which is the True Gift we might bring to the Galactic Council…and this resonance that must not be lost, but the foundation of a leap to a technological revolution less Digital and more Integrated Harmonic Geometry. Interfacing with Space-Time for the purpose of extracting fundamental energies, exploring hyper-dimensional super-luminal travel, and vibrational molecular realignment can only be achieved through the complete coherence of our Advanced Physics with an Integrated Metaphysics that unifies our inherent structures of consciousness with the macro and microcosmic structures of the Universal Fabric itself. Perhaps proponents of loop quantum gravity will never agree with the superstring theorists, and hyperbolic geometry won’t be reconciled with euclidean forms by a Mathematician, but then, how many of them consider that the fundamental leaps in their progress has occurred through states of Realization in which higher-dimensional thought-forms entered their lower-dimensional conceptual structures, realigning their internal Harmonic Geometry to a more coherent form? Some of the toys I had as a baby Elf in the forests outside Atlantis were more advanced than the super-computing systems of the Black Ops sectors of a Secret Government (responsible for the cloaking of the military-industrial-corporate conglomerates who are systematically purchasing the lives of millions of Human beings), to a laughable level… Yet with time comes an understanding of Purpose, and my toys certainly couldn’t pull off that kind of conspiratorial database. And besides, this is fun, watching my fingers rattle away at post-petrolium buttons as silicon circuits calculate the specific crystalline illuminations that blot my linguistic arabian characters into the white of my screen like thousands of little black-holes in my monitoring-horizon. Its not these scrawls that interest me in the face of the destruction of our World, however, but the steady improvement of Telepathic empathy gleaned from using my Instant Messenger, and the evolution of my Vision through weaving harmonics of Light and Sound in these Digital realms. It is the Critical Path for Planetary Transformation formed in my digital office, and the contacts of Superheroes recorded in my virtual card keeper. It is this moment, and the next when you will receive this, that has my Attention.

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