Wednesday August 8th ::: 6:30-8:30pm ::: Yoga Shala North Williams
Galactic Earth: Humanity’s Interplanetary Future
Developing your Capacity as a Leader and Guardian of Community and Planet

In this session, Adam Apollo will explore the nature of our place as a species within the Universe, as well as the many possibilities, potentials, and purposes behind existing information about Extraterrestrial contact, interplanetary politics, and Galactic relationships.

Explore extraterrestrial relationships with humans in history, and into the present day. Understand why this connection has been kept secret, and why starships have not yet landed on the White House lawn. Discover new technologies and consciousness currently emerging that change the picture of humanity’s present and future. Finally, awaken to the awareness of our forthcoming interplanetary culture and ways of being, and get to know our Galactic Family…

$33 Evening Admission Offering Requested

Yoga Shala North Williams
3808 North Williams Avenue
Portland, OR

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