Simple as it might sound
We might drown as bound
In consciousness around
The ground we’ve found

If we don’t release our bounds
Decrease the rounds of recycled Thinking
Get an inkling of the meaning
Sinking through the feeling

Of dreaming
This moment

From sealed lips
And squared hips
My mind trips
When I turn
And burn
Of this

One kiss?
Not even that
But at a drop of a hat
My heart attacks
And I’m backed
By support
Of sorts

Ethereal and Real
Coming from the steel
Beneath my silky calm
My patient Pond

An Ancient bond
Divinity and Me

We’ll see
What becomes
From the drums
In my veins

I strain
To hear
The Source
Is Near…

I steer clear
Of such a smear
On my spirit sense
I spear it hence
With blades
Of Truth
Of Youth
And the Forge

Of Every Time
In gorgeous rhyme
That unfolds in endless
Molds of untold secrets
Those who seek nets
And trap their futile
Snap style of fear
Can listen here
And find
A line

Casting freedom
Without a hook
But with bait

The look
The Love
The hate

Its checkmate
And the Truth will overcome
Some while Love will consume
Others while room is found
To grow and know
Beyond the show
Of pride or flow
To let go

And (So) sow
Seeds of Light
Insight to right
The misdeeds
That fight delight
Which I might find
In this secret Passion

Elation my Intention
For a Higher Creation
Through Relation
And Ascension

My Actualization
Is pure Inspiration
My Expectation
In Appreciation
Is Communication
Bringing Realization
And a Divination
For this nation
And this planet
And our peoples
And their cultures

But let me not stray
From the path
I walk today

In the aftermath
Of a dream that seems
Too real to doubt
So simple I shout
In consternation
Of its purpose
Of its station
In this time

For my rhyme
That answers nothing
Maybe Everything
And is reminding
That I’m finding
That I’ve

Is there more?

If so
It lies
In the glass
We choose to pour

It abides in what Is Core.

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