She Bleeds

My hands outstretched I catch her tears of life
Flows of strife that weave through me completely
Encompassing my flow that would go onward
And upward to somewhere I might forget myself

Yet this Self of mine brings me to my knees
These heart strands squeeze and I can’t breathe
Slipping in to the Silence of Eternity’s scream
My hearth cracks by the pressure of Steam

Pouring forth this fire force without remorse
I continue on course toward complete consumption
My assumptions drowning in pounding drums
Heartbeating thrums that numb and dumb my mind

I fall into silky Astral sweat and blood and find
My explosive Kundalini shrine in Her entwined
Spinal tap wrapped in Light Divine echoing
At a frequency clearly sine but Phi Aligned

Inside a recursion of fundamental toroid vortices
I notice these bursts of more than me
Consistently startling my parting mentality
As my Body brings the Blessings that Be

My lingham swollen with half of Me
And half of She becoming orgasmic Chi
Swung across the World Tree gently
Offering a thousand petals to Bloom Free

Cyclic reciprocity in supporting Her
I strengthen Me and martially dissolve
Those who oppose this Harmony
That so beautifully enraptures all I See

This is what the Goddess brings
When she silently sings through
Her fingertips and sips my Morning Dew
Casting my past aside to be forged Anew

I wish these Words could truly Do
For the Love transforming
Through and Through this Soul
Whole in Every Way We Are Two

I wish these Words could truly Do
To express all that I Feel
To reflect all that I Know
To manifest my Love for You

I Trust they Must be enough
Though rough they are tough
And keep me Lighting Up
This mighty overflowing Cup

To share If I may dare All of This
Flare of Beltane Prayer
Rolling from my Lips
To my Fingertips

Longing to be between your Hips
Such slips of clean Dream cream
Can lubricate my Soul Trips
And bring the Spring to the Darkest Crypts

Bring this Tantric Fire of Desire
To our Daily Sensual Dance
This Romance of moving fluid flow
You know I know starts when we Stand

I demand to Be ever-present
Effervescent and Increasingly Coalescent
In my Omni-sentient Living Sentiment
That fundamentally compliments this Vent

My spirit calls to maul the webs
That force wanderers to crawl
When they should be sprinting
Glinting with Sacred Steel Core Fields

Calling forth from the North
I bring the Source of Earth Force
Crystallized in Physical Size
Parting the lies for All Time

From the East my Rhyme
On the winds Transcends
Bringing Intentional Amends
To dead-ends and barriers

Sun from the South Carrier
Bring the flaming Harrier
Burning with endless Bliss
Banishing Blasphemy with a Kiss

Wet with the Western Waters
I weave Whirlpools of Ways
To feel the flow of Freedom
Beyond bays and delays of Fear

Spirit come and Steer Us Clear
From Now to Evermore Be Core
And Store this Life Blood Strength
Breaking chains and stopping drains

Above and Below All Come Ahau
And let us Know the Flow
Relinquishing our Control
And Breathe in Sacred Soul

May All Be Blessed Who Honor Here
Respecting Now and Speaking Clear
Standing Full and Fearless Fierce
With Love in Heart and Open Ears

Pierce the Veil for All the Blind
May the angry Become the Kind
Teach the Children Ways Aligned
And Quiet Our Thoughts for Divine Mind

May All Your Hearts
Know Infinite Love

May All Your Works
Know Infinite Grace

May All Your Minds
Know Infinite Space

For it is In This Space
In this Time that We Align
And moving Forward
We Dance with the Divine

Aloha Ke Akua

Blessed Be

In Lakech

Adam Apollo

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