I watch the Sun set
At a thousand miles per hour
As I ride this Surface
Sitting Still

So gentle…

It falls on different Waters
Of the distant horizon
Every single day
As the angle
Of the Earth
To the Sun


Around 67,000
Miles every Hour
Or over One-Thousand
Miles every Minute

And they Say
New York is Fast

And I can only tell
That we’re in Orbit
Because of that
Old Palm tree
The Sun Set
Just Past

Then the clouds
Catch on Fire
And the Ocean
Turns Velvet
And so Soon
The Sky is Full
Of Endless Stars

And that Place There
What the Maya called
“The Origin of All
Movement and Measure”
The Hunab Ku
Galactic Center Station
We all travel around you
At only 500,000 miles every hour
Solar System and All

Seems perfectly Still from Here…

And they say You dance
Spinning in Celestial romance
With our “Local Group”
Galactic Family
With a couple Star Clouds
And a few beautiful Nebulas
Giving Birth to New Solar Systems
And doing the Tango at 90,000
Miles every single hour

Quiet as Eternity…

And this whole Family
Blasting through the Universe
Somewhere between
900,000 miles an hour
And 1,350,000
Depending on which
Direction we’re headed in
And who you’re asking

Either way, I can’t tell
On this perfectly smooth ride…

So as this Sacred Equinox passes
And I reflect on the Nature of this Moment
Balanced between the Day Force and Night
Somewhere between the Dark and the Light
And the Speed of Everything seems so Slow
I discover the Eternal Life I am gifted to Know
For even a Million Miles traveled in an Hour
Or a Million Meters passed in a Second
Can flow around my Life like Honey
Golden Dewdrops of Perfect Time

So Infinitely Precious
So Eternally Expansive
So Perfectly Present

Right Here
On Spaceship


( O ) o) < <O> > ( ( <•> ) ) ∞


Image: Proportional Dualism drawn by AA (’97)

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