Buckminster Fuller’s Synergetics – An advanced study in geometry, structure, synergy, Life.

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth – An ancient and secret work of Wisdom.

Dreamcatcher.net – Share your dreams, and explore others. Develop lucid dreaming.

The Awakening Project – Intelligent Infinity explores many dimensions of everything.

Elftrance – An exciting journey through entheogenic history, self awakening, and monkeys.

Brainwave Entrainment through Electromagnetics – Study on effects of 6-10Hz ELF.

Disclosure Project – A non-profit with 400 witnesses revealing extraterrestrial related info.

Tantra Sacred Sexuality Library – An extensive study resource I discovered 10 years ago.

Star People & Lightworkers Tribe – A large network of visionary individuals.

The Universe in Powers of 10 – An exploration of each layer of the Universe (see Matrix).

Lyricus – A teaching order for the advancement of self-discovery.

How to Build Stonehenge – There are many kinds of magic.

Advanced Geometric Weaves – Islamic architecture and complex multipoint interfaces.

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