by Adam Apollo | Jan 5, 2006

Sometimes time helps you
To grow stronger
Sometimes time wears away
Your defenses and rusts your armor
Always time returns you
To the forge
Always time will change you
And teach you Other Ways

Converging at Midnight
The World goes numb
Forgetting their troubles
For a night of remembrance
Of Time
Of Space
Of Change
And resolutions to engage
A shift in themselves
Or the World around them

I remember this Family
From the North of Ireland
With their great strengths
And subtle fears

Some are caught
In illness and passing
While others are empassioned
To create change that is lasting
And it is these few
With whom I make a covenant
To enter the Future
Alongside each other

The moments were brief
But lasting in the resonance
Of the depth of my Heart
Its a start.

Entering the Mountains
Chapels of Ancient Apples
Through the Mists and Rain
To a Valley called Shambala

Here the Monks chant each day
Here my Father laid his Songs
Here the Earth turns more slowly
Around a steady stream
Of Audio Technology

Rescuing my Father’s Music
While educating and being educated
By a Master of Mastering
Reminded me
Of the Power of Sound
And the Importance of Music
To Crystallize presence
And Matter into Form

My Journey from these Mists
Drew long into the Night
Until the ships began
To fill my sight

Like shooting stars
Responding to thought
They move and Dance
Between the constellations
Pausing for a wink
To keep you on Track

I followed the Guidance
Working my energetic field
Until the revelation began to stream
And in a Moment
The system cleared
And I suddenly knew
How to change Matter
With Sound

The Key codes unfolding
Provided nodes of holding
Component geometries in place
Unlocking the secrets of Time and Space

After a brief respite
I arose to the Black Hills
And followed the line of night
Past the setting Sun
To Eagle Butte
Where a family
That holds the Sacred Pipe
Of 19 Generations
For the Lakota/Dakota/Nakota Sioux
Awaited to Welcome Me

There I translated
Messages from the Stars
To the Daughter of Looking Horse
So that she could plant the seeds
Of preparation
For the New World

And we Prepared
Planning the Prayer Run
And our Route to Alaska
That shall unfold as Spring
Meets Summer

When the morning came
I chased the Sun
Into a brilliant Fire
In the Heart of the Land
“Paha Sapa”

Here it seems
Is the Center of Things
Rotating around my Heart
Like the Whirling Dervishes
Carving the Planets
In my Space

The Light lead me
To a cafe of the Olde Worlde
Where I dined with the owner
A lady not unlike
The Ladies of Chocolat
Facing a town of stale Traditions
With Powerful Wine
Rich Home Ground Coffee
Quiche and Clam Chowder

Bless her in this Journey
To change the perspective
Of a few…

Its enough.

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