Line: 2 Dimensional Position
1 Dimensional Spacetime
Hexagram: Flower of Life Vibrational Form
Spacetime Surface Equilibrium

Microcosm: Atom
Biocosm: Cell
Metacosm: Aura
Macrocosm: Moon
Lunar System

As the observer decides to step out of the experience of the Physical, and look deeper into the source of all Physical experience, they realize that everything is in a state of vibration. The only difference between the Fire and the Water is its state of vibration. In this observation, all experience can be seen to be vibration of one form or another, including the act of perceiving. This realization allows the individual to step outside the Physical experience, and see that Life is also a fundamental Element of existence.

In Chinese philosophy, the five elements of Fire, Metal, Earth, Water, and Wood were observed as part of the alchemy of vibration and feeling in the body. Their descriptions of Metal are the same as Air, as Metal is forged from Fire and Water, and represents the focus of Intention, much like the Breath. Wood is the only “living” element here, and is intended as the representation of Spirit being observed in the flow of Time, which is the same as Life. The five elements of Chinese philosophy are actually part of Six when Spirit is once again included as an observer and transcendant, and are used to describe Chi or life-energy in different states of vibration, or E-Motion.

In recognizing the Self at the center of the Four Directions, one also comes to realize that this center is part of a spectrum reaching from Earth to Sky. Above and below are both part of the center, but are very different in themselves. The earth is hard and dense, pulls things towards it and embraces them; the sky is clear and open, a window to unlimited potential, but difficult to reach.

Since our bodies are built to stand vertically, early cultures on Earth realized that there is a whole universe of layers between our connection with the ground under our feet, and the sky above our heads. They also realized that sometimes they felt heavy and pulled to the ground, while at other times they felt light and free as though they could fly. To understand each of these experiences, one must experience both ends of this spectrum. Until one has felt deep sadness, it is difficult to know brilliant joy.

Such is the nature of color and contrast, and this is the language of Emotions. Our feelings engulf and change our Physical perceptions, and can be both freeing or overwhelming. To have an Emotional experience, one must experience a change between one state of being and another. Like a line, we have one feeling at one moment in time, and another feeling at another position in time, and it is the change that allows us to define either moment of experience relative to the other.

Certain cultures began to realize that this change and the spectrum of Emotional experiences contain the key to Creation, and their relationship with the Divine. Some saw that when the colors refracting through a crystal or shining in the sky as a rainbow were mapped into a circle, they formed a continuous loop. At one end, the color entered through a gateway of purple or Violet Light, and traversed through Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and then exited through another gate of Violet Light. Each of these bands of color seemed to hold a life-force and key in themselves, as they showed up in vivid purity through other light sources, flames, dyes, crystals, and more.

In mapping each of these six color bands, it was discovered that the number six was very special for other reasons, as six circles of equal size could perfectly surround a seventh circle of the same size. Both these realizations, that White Light divides into six colors of a spectrum, and a Seventh circle can be perfectly surrounded by six others, have emerged again and again through the Ages, and formed the foundation of Sacred Geometry and Symbols of Creation for countless cultures, philosophies, and religions.

Microcosm: Atoms have a nucleus surrounded by electrons, whose state of vibration determine the color of all objects and matter. These electron fields allow certain light to reflect off of them in a certain frequency, and when energetically excited, these fields will begin to vibrate in larger waves that allow light to be emitted in all areas of the spectrum.

Biocosm: Each Cell contains a nucleus surrounded by organelles, cytoplasm, and a membrane, which enable the reception and transmission of chemical messages through the body. These chemical messages contain different vibrational codes which cause the Cells to respond in different ways, giving us a physical mechanism for Emotions.

Metacosm: Each Body is surrounded by a vibrational field which is emitted through the resonance of each Atom and Cell in the Body, and this vibrational field changes its frequency and harmonics based on Emotional and Physical changes in the Body.

Macrocosm: Planetary Systems contain a planet nucleus surrounded by one or more Moons (like electrons), each of which change aspects of the planet through a gravitational relationship, and also through reflecting a certain amount of solar light onto the surface of the planet based on each Moon’s position in orbit. Earth’s Moon draws the water of the entire planet with it as it orbits, changing the tides, and affects the Emotional and Physical states of all life on the planet through menstruation, psychological, and other physiological cycles.

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