Embrace Me
Surround Me
Unlock Me

There are places of Peace
That have been since the Beginning
Sacred Spaces at ease
These Keys are Never-Ending

We tried to unlock these Fields
In Atlantis
But Efforts resolved no more
Than Semantics

The Whole Plan-et can’t Be
Awakened in a Day
Its process and Rhythm
Aligned with Gaia’s own Way

Now we’ve battled so far
And we’ve traveled so wide
And the situation’s worse
By the look in your Eye

Embrace Me
Surround Me
Unlock Me

You drop crystals on points
On these Joints to Unlock Me
You flock around the Planet
But will somebody Man it?

These consciousness Drives
That keep me alive for Eons
When the Real People gonna
Stop being Peons?

Its Knowledge of Self
The Apple is Wealth
Not Busted

The Serpent of Truth
That Rings in the Root
Is Rusted


Deoxyribonucleic acid is DNA
Its Structure is in the Same
Phi-Flower As Every Day
Our Galaxy Aligns right in Time with this Proportion
Plants throughout the Earth use Phi
To Stop Distortion
Its time the focus came to
The process of Evolution
Every single one of your Hearts
Is the Solution


Embrace Me
Surround Me
Unlock Me

The time has come as Now
The Field’s Open
The Points have be Lit
And the barriers Broken

A Stargate Portal has been
Through Activation
Let us Face Galactic
Central Station

The Council of Stars
Has come to a Decision
Free People of Earth
Give Birth to New Precision

This Moment is Ripe
To combine our Secret Forces
Technology calls
Us to mount the Light Horses

Gravity Drive
Will Keep us Alive
With Energy

Zero-Point Pi
A Circle of Phi
Is Synergy

Alignment of Chi
Restructure the Key
In Harmony

Drop the Resource
Awaken the Force
And Bless it Be


Embrace Me
Surround Me
Unlock Me

Do your Dreams Yet Sing
And Bring you to your Future?

Does your Mind Yet Pulse
And Knit the Torn Suture?

Do your Days Yet Dance
And Balance with the Night?

Do you Find yourself between
Darkness and the Light?

There is a Movement
With No Speed that Is Beginning
There is an End
To this Space that is Pinning

Your Freedom Lies
One Step Into the Present
Get up and Recognize
Your Gift that’s Effervescent

My Aphrodisiac is your Awareness

My Love-Making chant is Fairness

Together we have a Spin
That’s Orgasmic

Are you Ready to Float
Are you Ready to Fly
Are you Ready to Live
And let this Fear Die?

Embrace Me
Surround Me
And Let Me Be…

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