In October 2017, we brought 144 Delegates to Egypt as part of the first immersive Resonance Academy retreat. We explored Giza, Saqqara, the Serapeum, and had special access to the Pyramid Complex.

The peak of our adventure was having access to all three pyramids (never before allowed) for over 12 hours under the full moon! We split into four groups, and activated each of the pyramids in sequence, and then simultaneously. I was in the third group, and had the opportunity to get the Great Pyramid resonating from the deep subterranean chamber, through the Queen’s Chamber, and finally up to the King’s Chamber, lighting up the whole structure as my colleagues got the 2nd and 3rd pyramids activated simultaneously. A female PHD who couldn’t access the pyramids due to physical challenges was outside, and she said she saw the three pyramids light up, with a burst like a subtle flash going into the sky… 

We had more adventures than I can recount here, so I’m going to attach a gallery of pictures for your exploration and enjoyment. 


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