Her hair glistens like the stars
Woven through an endless void
Through the fences
Lines of city streets
Blurring lights and muffled sounds
She vanishes behind a building

Car pulls up full of Laughter
I jump in
We arrive at a club
I’m inside a chill room
The pulse of sound droning
Reverberating soft landscapes of couches

A breath on the back of my neck
Crossed arms fold over the back of my shoulders
A whisper sends chills up my spine

Her voice is soft velvet
Deep chocolate
She moves like a milkshake
Sits beside me
Covering me with her Energy
Like a blanket

She is familiar
But Unknown
Her smile warms my belly
Lighting fires in my Hearth
My Heart


Temple in the Mountains
Waterfalls cascading from Cliffs
And a lake
With jagged peaks across the valley
Smooth wood flooring
Curved Bamboo roofing
In an open air training space
The walls assorted with Weapons
Swords and staves
Shuriken and small blades

I sit in silence
At the Core of my Mind
As my body arcs in Fluid Rhythm
Flows in forms of Fire and Water
My feet merging into the Earth like Roots
After gliding on the Wind

Strokes completed
Ripple the landscape
Waves of Blue Electricity
Flares of Golden Ki
Dragon Spears
Splitting Spacetime

Curvatures form Shields
Withdraws raising Walls
Holding form just long enough
To be met
And shatter in razors
Or implode
With the turning of Force

I dance with another
He shows me ways of Western Worlds
I show him ways of Eastern Worlds
And vice-versa
Refining technique
Playfully engaging the Infinite
With Katana, Rapier, Long Sword, Scimitar
With Staff, Shuriken, Gauntlets, Daggers

We laugh at the edge of Death
Entranced in Movement
That never Ends


A large house
Old friends
High-school and beyond
Weaving interleaving
Drinking and playing cards
Dancing and goofing off

The Kitchen is alive
Sensual movements through the Living Room
The upward stairs are rich in Conversation
Downward leads to Keg cradlers in the Basement

I slip into the Bathroom
Sit to cleanse my core
Suddenly the door opens
Multicultural women point inside at me with smiles
A heavy set beautiful woman enters
She comes to sit on my lap
To my surprise

I’m comfortable still
Finish my cleansing
And work to pull my pants up
And the room transforms
From a Sink to a bookshelf
A toilet to a Bed
Which she crawls across
Poised in deep gazes
That pierce through me

Her hands move to her sides
Her fingers form I Love Yous
Her tongue dangles deep from her mouth
Her eyes become Dark Flames
Her skin drips with cream
Her mind calls for my Seed

I climb out of my Trance
To unshakable Clarity
“You cannot have my Children”
My voice is Direct and Compassionate
She melts back into a simple woman
Her understanding smile warms my Heart
And Everything Fades


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