You were there before.

If for a moment you let fall the judeo-christian idea of a terminal nature to the Soul’s experience on Earth, and even begin to consider the concept of having a continuous spirit body, it becomes quite apparent to many people that they would have very likely chosen to come back and be born into another body, even if it meant forgetting most or all of it while the new physical brain developed from new information…

…Even if you want to hold on to some of the judeo-christian terminology, just look at the relationships between the “fires of hell” and the “fires of rebirth” in many other cultures, or just look at all of the endless symbolism of fire. Transformation, death, birth, cleansing, clearing… One might guess that if you don’t get it right, maybe you’ve got to come back and try again. After all, Eternal and damnation are simply not words that functionally work together, since damnation is part of duality in this context. The only other context I know that is does work in is spelled like this: “Damn-Nation.” A useful term when referencing a military-industrial enslavement complex that has co-opted the governing body of a State.

The other aspects to understanding some of the more tricky deja vu experiences come from looking more closely at my statement:

You were there before.

To say that you “were there” suggests that you were in a certain state, not necessarily in a certain place. You may have been experiencing nearly the exact same state of body chemicals, mental processes, emotions, and physical sensations as you have experienced in another time.

“Before” is the other interesting word here. If we consider for a moment that all the brilliant physicists, cosmologist, astrophysicists, astronomers, and other scientists who have suggested that time is not linear may be right, “before” could simply be at any point before our current experience on any of many multidimensional cycles of time. This is to say that some experience you may have in the future “was” so powerful that it sent shockwaves through time, which reside in other certain key points in your timeline, one of which you just came across, giving you deja vu of a future moment in time.

I like to look at this experience on all levels as a “resonance.”

When you are in a pool of water, you can create a wave by pushing your hands forward. This wave doesn’t last long however, and quickly dies. However, if you wait until the wave comes back, and push it forward again just as it bounces off the wall behind you, it gets bigger. This is easy to experience in a bathtub, as a simple “rocking” of your body can soon have water sloshing out of the tub (and a lot of it when there are two of you in the tub).

The speed of your rocking is the resonant speed for the size of the bathtub, and it is slower and longer depending on the size of the container. Okay, minds out of the closet now people…you’re welcome to return in just a moment. Consider swinging on a swingset. The longer the ropes or chains, the more time you must wait between each “wave” or push, to go higher.

When deja vu occurs, you have just “pushed” at the right moment, in the right waters, raising the energy level of your experience and allowing the original “wave” to be experienced even stronger now.

When you consider that many of our experiences may very well be physically “vibrational” in nature, the actual resonance occuring is more like a symphony playing next to another symphony when the two songs they are playing suddenly come into harmony. Say that one symphony is playing your experiences, with different instruments for each of your senses, thoughts, and emotions.

This same symphony that is you was playing Mozart 400 years ago. In the midst of your current journey, the universe suddenly starts placing itself in just the right positions, and leading you through just the right pattern of similar situations, and suddenly…Mozart. But now, it’s not just the Mozart it was when you first felt it, its more somehow, like an echo in time…and everything is intensified, including the feeling of Mozart you have now.

As Tesla used to say, “Resonance is everything.”

I agree… It’s Deja Vu too.


Thank you Tony Vigorito for your inspiration in initiating me to share my thoughts on this topic…

Image: Photo of Assisi, Italy, taken when I was 9 years old. I had my first EXTREME Deja Vu experience while I was in Italy, and many other small ones…

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