The only real fear of Death is the fear of Ending…and there is no such thing. No end to you, no end to your consciousness, no end to this Dance. We may cross through gateways, travel between worlds, evolve to more dynamic conscious forms, and ride whirlwinds of Karma and Sanskaras, but we keep going. Death must be invited, honored, known to be a part of the Transformation. Of all the things that move us quickly along this Soul Path, it is our Deaths, and the lessons and Karma released by them, that are the accellerating forces of progression; Gravity towards the Source.

When we recognize our weakness, we allow our ego to let down its defenses, and can experience our real feelings. This disarming process enables our strength to be Born within, through the intensity of emotional and Spiritual release. It is when we are left with Nothing, that we find Everything.

Trust in this, and Be Blessed.

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