In case you didn’t know, today Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury, the New Moon, and the Sun are all conjunct (together) in the sky right around the location in Sagittarius that is the direction of our Galactic Center. It is a beautiful time for Rebirth, awakening of new Faith, clear Communication, deep Reflection, and alignment of Soul Purpose with our philosophies and adventures.

This morning, as the light is slowly emerging outside, I’m launching the first Phase of a Sacred Knowledge Library I’ve been building for a long time. It will be a continually expanding record of writings, art, experience, and knowledge. With your help, it will continue to grow, and I hope that you will join me in this co-creative process of sharing key information that can aid Humanity in this time of great transformation.

I’ve also created a Newsletter that I will be releasing with each site upgrade, but to receive it, you will have to either send me your e-mail address or subscribe directly from the website.

Thank you all for your Love and Support.


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