Torus: 5 Dimensional Position
4 Dimensional Spacetime
Pentakaidegagon: Bidirectional Communicability
Spacetime Dimensional Gravitation
Microcosm: Chromosome
Biocosm: Organ Systems
Metacosm: Language & Culture
Macrocosm: Galactic Cluster
Intergalactic System

Self – 1.

Physicality in the Other – 5.

Here the interaction between the Physicality of the Self and the Other reaches full fruition, as the Harmonic Trinity (3×5=15) of the Self 5, Other 5, and the Balance 5 between beings is present . This is the experience of Communication, where the Individual experiences a Physical exchange with the Other, and the many permutations of Language are born.

On the higher-dimensional level, the Fifteen is also about the experience of the Collective Physicality, as the Self (1) experiences the Divine Physical (5) in its wholeness, and perceives the Physical Layer of existence and experience manifesting as an observer.

The integration of these facets of the Throat Chakra and Communication occur when the Self (1) and Divine Physical (5) are allowed to merge (5+1=6), and experienced as the Vibration of the Voice, or the Word of God.

Microcosm: DNA collectively forms Genes and eventually Chromosomes, bundles that contain massive amounts of data from experiences and environmental responses over thousands of years. These Chromosomes serve a very specific function: they are able to divide with each cell division, and Communicate information from the previous cell into the new cell that is forming. Each Chromosome splits into two as a cell divides, and then through RNA replication and constant environmental updating, forms its other half again inside the two “new” cells.

Biocosm: Organs form Organ Systems, sets of organs that are capable of communicating with each other through the series of tissues connecting them. In this way, our Stomach, Intestines, Kidneys, and other Organs in our Digestive System are able to complete a complex dance of separating structures, absorbing nourishment, and expelling toxins and unused materials. Each of our Organ Systems provides a similar Communication network that serves each of our body’s primary functions and interactions.

Metacosm: Each of our Relationships interact with other Relationships, forming the collective fields of our Languages and Cultures. At this level, each Relationship is seen as a component of a collective process of exchange and development. Each Individual Self and Relationship is both informing and informed by the language and culture that it collectively forms on this level of our beings.

Macrocosm: The Galaxy is but one set of Relationships within a collective of Galaxies often referred to as a Galactic Cluster or Supercluster. These Galactic Clusters, although massive in size, are constantly in a state of energetic exchange with each other, with light information from each Galaxy constantly interpenetrating every other Galaxy in the cluster. That information is almost constantly reaching us, even here on the surface of our own Planet.

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