These gentle memories
Cascade back to me
One by one

I find My Self
Reconfigured and Reformed
Cradled in the Water-Fire storms
Stretching new wings in dreams
Riding the streams
Calling Springs

Tickled as they grow
From deep beneath the winter flow
My memes seem to know this dance
Growing vines of a Divine Romance
That I slowly fold into
My mind the tail
In You

This is no game of chase
I swam these waters in my place
Dreaming the World anew
Cracking the Egg of One
To Become Two

At times it all seems turbulent
But each reflection is Heaven’s scent
Each confection of my direction meant
To assimiliate my full extent
Like a Heaven Bent

Some say there are no Heroes
But something deep within me Knows
That when the Gateways come and go
Someone has to show the Way
Whether etched in Hieroglyphs
Or taught in work and play

The time has come
An Egg is laid
My heart unfolds
The secrets fade

My children drift away
Memories to return someday
Somehow the path is the same
Magnified in Vision’s name
The thousand eyes
Can cast no blame

For deep within
The roiling change
Lies a Sacred Flame



inspired by the
Image Above:
“Cascade of Time”
by Jahsheikha

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