Slide forth weakness
Move out of the shadow of my ego
Come now fearless
Look and see how the spirit flow
Slip out discontent
What is it that makes me unhappy
Come now detachment
It is the craving that’s trapped me
Flare away anger
You may go this time forever
Come now trainer
Heart steer me clear of the weather
Break down bashful
It is only yourself you really fear
Come now powerful
Expression comes easier than a tear
Tear down cruelty
No place is here for your sick breath
Come now humility
Kindness and love last far beyond death
Melt away stubbornness
Fall walls, you hide the unknown world
Come now all gifts
I see endless leaves of knowledge unfurled
Float off worries
You lead me to more harmful thoughts
Come now flurries
A gentle mind light snow has brought
Flee far illusion
Reality awaits behind the glass
Come now fusion
Enlighten me to be One at last

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