Women across the world are awakening to the Divine Mother Archetypes within their spiritual DNA. At this time, thousands of women are experiencing a full body inner calling to remember their divinity and share this recognition with one another. The Grandmothers have spoken: The Time Is Now to courageously anchor this inner awakening and remember the Goddess and Priestess Within the Woman. Stores of past life sacred training and tools are within us awaiting our decision to say Yes to ourselves as spiritual leaders. The power of a circle gathered amplifies and expedites our spiritual growth through reflection with others. Creating women’s circles at this time is THE container for women to safely remember their divinity and bring forth that activation within community.

In this women’s circle, we will be weaving our remembrance by examining Divine Mother Archetypes that empower our spiritual leadership skills to create the sacred container of women’s circles. Join Kaia Ra as she offers her years of experience in creating the sacred container for community ascension and the Goddess Within. A Fire Ceremony will follow where we will join with the Men’s Circle in prayer and celebration.

• Isis – Creating ceremony & weaving magik with integrity
• Hathor – Intuitive sound healing, raising the voice in song
• Mary Magdelene – Circling with the new & full moon, celebrating the blood mysteries
• Quan Yin – Compassion, Healing and Self-Esteem
• Diana – Feminine Empowerment
• Mother Mary – Spiritual Protection, The Mother Bear Within
• Gaia – Listening to the Earth

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9535 N 63rd St
Longmont, CO 80503

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