Tuesday Evening through Wednesday Morning
June 28th in Boulder Colorado

The Lucid Dreaming Intensive will take participants through the concepts and practices of lucid dreaming, and offer insights that may enable attendees to have a complete lucid dreaming experience DURING the workshop! Practices will include opening and balancing the chakras, setting wards around your dreamspace, and meditations for awakening your conscious awareness while inside a dream. Practical applications of lucid dreaming will also be covered, as well as methods to recover consciousness when slipping into unconscious dreamstates.

This is an overnight workshop, so after exploring all the major concepts, attendees will go to sleep in a shared sacred space using the techniques covered in the workshop. A couple markers will be set during the night for reactivating and accessing lucid dream awareness. In the morning, dreams will be shared, along with a journaling practice to introduce the Dreamcatcher Network tool. Follow up exercises and nourishment will help to set a pattern for future lucid dreaming experiences.

Preregistration or contact with an RSVP is required for attendance.


9535 N 63rd St
Longmont, CO 80503

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