The prophesied arrival of the Indigo/Crystal generation is a call to action for spiritual parenting that supports the future leaders of the New Earth Paradigm. The Indigo/Crystal Children are born spiritually awakened – fully equipped with extensive past-life training, mulitdimensional talents, and innate psychic abilities. They are Masters housed in accutely sensitive human bodies that require parenting of the highest integrity, creativity and empathy. Parenting the Indigo/Crystal child will both astound and confound you.

We are here to celebrate the miracle of this next-level generation of lightworkers with teachings that will support the whole family.

In this workshop we will cover:
• ADHD – Attention Dialed to a Higher Dimension
• Grounding techniques for you and your child
• Specific Nutritional needs for the highly active neorological system
• Using Feng Shui to calm and soothe your empathic child
• Energetic space clearing and psychic protection
• Navigating the Indigo/Crystal Model of Self-Directed Education
• Co-creating ceremony with your child
• Techniques to help your spiritually advanced child acclimate to being human
• Counseling your child through past-life traumatic memories
• Healing and liberating your child from ancestral energies
• Enlisting the Archangels and Ascended Masters as Spiritual Allies for the family
• Discovering and supporting your child’s divine purpose

Presented by Adam Apollo
Time: 6 – 9 PM
Location: Boulder, CO
Workshop Cost: $66

::: Location :::

9535 N 63rd St
Longmont, CO 80503

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