In this playshop for Indigo/Crystal youth, we will explore many practical energetic tools and levels of awareness through a series of “Jedi Training” games. Initially, students will begin by learning how to ground their energy with the Earth, and use their connection with the planet as their greatest ally. We will cover principles and techniques for creating “magic circles” for protection and establishing personal space so that we all have a safe container to work and explore in throughout the workshop. We will then play with the basics of feeling, creating, and moving energy inside and outside their bodies. They will learn dynamics of elemental forms of energy, both through role-playing as “water-benders” and other elemental weavers, as well as exchanging spheres of energy to develop their psychic senses in distinguishing types of energy. We will also apply these practices to making small and specific energy shields and containers.

In the second part, we will talk about methods for contacting Angels and Guardians for assistance. We will play with techniques for calling in Animal Guardians and Faeries, as well as other mythical creatures who live in the Astral who can offer assistance. Names of some of the major Archangels will be shared, and simple ways to ask them for help will be covered. We will also show them how to create Avatars of their higher selves, and call on these Divine aspects of themselves to help them with anything they need.

This playshop will be cofacilitated by Adam Apollo & Kaia Ra.

::: Location :::

9535 N 63rd St
Longmont, CO 80503

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