Friday, Saturday and Sunday
October 2nd-4th 2009 in Boulder Colorado

The Galactic Earth Intensive is designed to aid individuals in creating the conditions necessary to make contact with extraterrestrial species within the Galactic Council, and develop the skills for clear and coherent communication with our star brothers and sisters. From the fundamentals of Astral travel to other Star Systems, to the variety of species and cultures we have been interacting with for ages, to the social, cultural, technological, historical, economic, and ecological implications of developing our extraterrestrial relationships; by the end of the weekend you will have gained the tools necessary to help humanity make its transition to a Galactic Civilization over the next three years.

In the first phase, we will take a brief historical journey through key Astronomical and Astrological information about extraterrestrial species contained within many cultures, as well as the huge resurgence of close encounters (of the third kind) hidden beneath the coverups of the past century. Then you will hear personal testimony of direct physical contact with an extraterrestrial Ambassador, and an experience of meeting with 73 species of the Galactic Council regarding the destiny of humanity as we arrive at the 2012 Galactic Solstice.

For phase two, exploration will delve into the nature of the Self, and the experiences and intuitive connections that have emerged for individuals within the group. Hear stories of direct contact, memory retrieval, and gain new planetary perspective. Consider the many perspectives of different types of species, and the types of interactions that occur as a result of our diverse backgrounds and experience. We will also work on developing telepathic communication skills, and the fundamentals of light-language. Finally, we will develop the capacity to travel and engage with extraterrestrial species yourself, through both interacting with Starships and also having direct Astral contact on this planet and others.

In phase three, we will focus on developing and refining a more complete understanding of a series of different Species within the Galaxy, and looking at the most dramatic changes that may come in the next few years. Develop a grounded perpective on massive Earth changes, and the variety of ways in which those changes may manifest, including revolutionary new technologies on the way. Prepare a Vision plan for your own Path, and bring forward the gifts within you that will maintain their value and purpose throughout planetary transformation on any scale.

Preregistration is REQUIRED for access.
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9535 N 63rd St
Longmont, CO 80503

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