Men are currently being called to expand far beyond the old male archetypes. In these times of great change, we must be able to shift and adapt to constant shifts in masculine and feminine polarity in our relationships, work, and play. Through embodiment of the Divine aspects of the Masculine, while engaging and supporting the Divine Feminine both within us and in our loved ones, we are learning to step forward and co-create the template of the New Man, full of gentle strength and expansive awareness.

This session (for men only) will explore the nature and dynamics of creating and sustaining men’s circles to strengthen community, develop consistent practices to support depth, purpose and presence, as well as explore the Divine Masculine in relationship to the Divine Feminine. We will cover forms of principles and commitments we can make as men to become vastly more capable of supporting others, while staying deeply centered in our core purpose. Effective formats for meeting structures and regularity will be covered, and suggestions will be offered to keep meetings dynamic and evolving to follow the growth of the group, while still maintaining a strong container.

Layers and challenges of having a male sexual essence will be discussed, and techniques will be provided to aid men in identifying and engaging masculine and feminine sexual forces and related issues. We will discuss many insights into the nature of the feminine, the changes and transformations many women are facing at this time, and ways to maintain our capacity to be supportive and nourishing regardless of the external conditions or emotional intensity. Practices will also be provided to help regulate energy, hold space for women, shift from masculine to feminine energy states (and back) when necessary, and offer your deepest gifts to life.

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9535 N 63rd St
Longmont, CO 80503

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