Consciousness emerges.

Just as the One gives birth to Time in order to allow experience, so the Three gives birth to Four in order to allow creation and awareness. Just as each of the three perspectives that generate all dynamics of existence become present, so does the awareness of each of these perspectives and their perfect unity emerge.

They witness the alchemy of the opposites in the two, and the ever present state of balance between them. The many forms of the trinity become apparent, and the Sacred Symbolism of the dance of existence begins to unfold.

Within the Yang and Yin, Heat and Cold, or Fire and Water of the birth of the universe, the balance is always present, and creation emerges when the opposites interact. When Fire and Water are mixed, Air emerges, though it was always present within both elements.

In the creation of Light, from the Purple-Violet-Magenta at each end of the spectrum, comes the Red and the Blue. The Purple light remains, always in the balance, but new energy and light between the Red and Blue is also emerging. A golden light directly between the Red and Blue is Born, and this Golden Light is like the Air, the Yellow, the other Primary Element being born in perfect balance with the equilibrium of Purple light.

In the generation of the atomic structure, the Proton and Electron emerge, forming an alchemy of positive and negative charges. Balance continues to remain between them, but also forges the creation of a neutral energy field to manifest the physical form of balance in Space-Time, which becomes the Neutron.

The Eternal observer who is the union between the opposites recognizes their Self, observing their Trinity of perfection from a fourth point of observation, which in itself is an act of Creation.

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