UFOs, Extraterrestrial Contact, and
The Emerging Galactic Civilization of Earth

Saturday and Sunday
October 10th & 11th, 2009 from 4pm – 7pm
West Asheville:


Saturday October 10th 2009 ::: 4pm – 7pm
Humanity Transitions to a Galactic Culture
The Science and Spirituality of Engaging with Extraterrestrial Species

In this session, we will explore the types of extraterrestrial contact that has happened both in history and in the past century, and uncover the nature of our relationship with a variety of interplanetary species. Discover the variety of aspects behind the global push for “disclosure,” and the types of technologies and consciousness shifts that will change humanity’s capacity to take care of our planet, and adventure into new realms.

Learn to find the root of all languages, and practice the fundamentals of “light language” that form the basis for Galactic communication and technology, facilitating a peaceful and holistic understanding to emerge between all cultures and societies on Earth. Finally, hear about experiences of direct physical contact with extraterrestrial beings and our alliance with the Galactic Council that will reshape your perspective of 2012 to one of joy and gratitude for the emergence of Heaven on Earth through the journey from Earth to Heaven.


Sunday October 11th 2009 ::: 4pm – 7pm
Our Galactic Family
Discovering Galactic Sociology through Mythology and Contact

For this workshop, our focus will center on techniques for establishing and maintaining contact, and exploring the diversity of Galactic species that have been working with humanity since the dawn of history. Learn about the Sirians, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Yahonians, Shihaeleians, and the LaQuinon, key members of the Galactic Council. Also learn about the transformations happening for the Greys (also known as the Zeta Reticuli) and the Reptilians (as well as the true meaning of “Draconian”), and the huge karmic clearings happening on an interplanetary stage for the emergence of the most peaceful and beautiful age of Galactic history that is beginning right now.

Also gain insight into the crucial steps necessary for the masses to open space for our transition to a Galactic Civilization, and the roles you can play in your own life to bring about peace on Earth. Discover how easy this process actually is, and how truly blissful and glorious our transitions through 2012 and beyond can be.


Single Day Admission Offering: $44
Two Day Admission Offering: $77

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