A brief introduction:

An ancient species with a complex history, I have learned a great deal about their diversity through the many different memories and missions that individuals in my Soul Family have undergone with them. With the help of the Arcturians, certain people I know created systems to block out their knowledge of themselves in order to become spies, transmitting information about their “programming” by Draconian, Zeta, and Human groups to aid in the process of understanding these systems of Mental enslavement and learning how to disengage them.

This may sound harsh, but these individuals clearly made a choice to undergo such operations, and as an Ambassador to the Galactic Council, I cannot fully express in words how much gratitude we have for these brave Souls, and how much assistance their work has provided.

The Arcturians I have met directly are intelligent, insightful, and highly spiritually developed beings. They are willing to bend the rules in ways that others are hesistant to do, as they seem to have an innate sense of the longer Soul journey and the flow of Time. The elders are not only great Wisdom keepers, but are also very grounded in physical actions and operations. Many of their initiation practices involve going into areas of complete darkness, and learning how to work with the Light that radiates from the Self and within all things.

I was shown that many of the Ancient stone structures on the Earth were created with aid from Arcturian Soul groups who traveled here. These structures mirror many of the types of buildings and halls the Arcturians create on their homeworld. I was shown Mountains with vast cave networks and massive Halls that have recorded Ancestry over many millenia. I was told that much of the deep honoring of Ancestry by the “Indigenous” peoples of Earth is part of the Arcturian teachings that arrived in the time of Atlantis and earlier. It seems essential to them to remember and record the flow of Bloodlines and the Genetic development of Family Lines, as well as Soul Genome Records.

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