A miracle
A mystery
Just slipping through my History
I let her go
And Bless it Be

Why was she here
Inside of me?

To know the tearing force of Love
When one is willing to sacrifice
Their innocence and common sense
Letting ignorance suffice?

Time’s a teacher
She’s a creature
With old wounds
And Typhoons
Of Passion

Imagine this
Ancient Warrior
Magi Priest
Angelic Beast
Tossed and turned
In a bile of self-destruction
Volcanic eruption with a
Bondage induction

But why kneel on this Sacred Earth
Watching the Stars
For the Promise of Star Birth
In front of a Queen
Who cannot Bare Her Self
Let alone bear Another

Tangled in old sheets
And slowly peeling off scabs
That long ago should have fallen Free
But the same pattern repeats
When we fail to look
And don’t want
To See

I’m talking about Me
And thee and he and she
Made-In-Space, Trinity

This Tale is Old
Bought and sold
So fold the moldy
Papyrus prefect

Reset and redirect
To a new envisioning flow
Of the Infinite Self in full Glow
Calling the Forces on Light Horses
Gaia’s Body bathed in Love Bubbles
Orgasmic pulses popping control cables
Cities holding communion with Stars
Knowing no Galaxy is too far

And neither is my Lady
Nestling into my neck
Whispering Poetry
Projecting Tantra
Into the Folds
Of my Mind

She finds me
Somewhere in the midst
Of my Ancient Call to Hearts
And takes my Breath Away
Again and Again until
I can only Breathe
The Goddess
In Her

This Day
Excites Me
As the ripples
From the Future
Return to Me Now
Somehow revealing
And still concealing
The women I Know
And those unknown

It is better this Way
As I return my Focus
To the task of the Day

Manifest Destiny

Any How
Any Way


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