The Unified Harmonic Dimensional Matrix emerged from a series of visions that vividly reflected the interconnectedness of all things on all levels of existence. In these visions, I witnessed a single Eye connected through layers and layers of systems, becoming an entire Body. The Body was just one part of the land around it, woven through food, water, and Sun into the fabric of life. This fabric forms whole Continents, and each Continent in turn weaves together to form the whole Earth.

I witnessed the Earth in an interwoven dance with the Moon and other planets around the Sun, and the Sun in turn flowing in sync with other stars around the Milky Way Galaxy. The Galaxy itself is traveling in a web with other Galaxies that form our Virgo Galactic Cluster, and that cluster dances with countless others across the expanding Universe.

The Universe I saw, is one of many Universes, forming threads of energy that weave through a fractaline Infinitiverse, those threads becoming geometric structures that eventually form even larger toroidal flows that connect in spherical coherence. I saw these spheres clustered, surrounded by many colors and vibrations of light, Electrons around the Nucleus of an Atom. The Atoms dance in interwoven chains as electromagnetic waves pass from one to another along a helical spiral that becomes DNA. Chains of DNA weave spiral after spiral layer around protein spheres that become Chromosomes, and these in turn radiate energy webs like Galaxies in a cluster that are surrounded by the Nuclear Membrane in the core of a Cell, an entire Universe of life in itself.

Organelles form patterns around the Nucleus, finally forming structures that complete the whole Cell, which is then braided in interwoven patterns to form Tissues. The Tissues interconnect with pattern and purpose to form a whole Organ, which I saw as the Human Eye, interconnected with the rest of the neurological system and the other Organ Systems of the Body. Finally, as all these connect together, you have the whole Body, another complete Universe of life, energy, and information.

After years of research, I realized that there is a natural organization to these dimensional layers of the Universe, in which there is a sort of coherence across lines of scale that mirror the processes of our consciousness. The following is an introduction to this research and my visual expressions of this understanding, integrating and explaining the Unified Harmonic Dimensional Matrix through a description of what might be called the Ray of Creation, and numerological progressions.

In the video below, I explore the Unified Harmonic Matrix in depth. The following graphic illustrates each of the dimensional layers and corresponding geometries, and the exposition following covers each of the numerological steps in the Ray of Creation that produces the fractal matrix of space-time.

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