That in the Sacred Moments between the fire and water
We find ourselves inherent in the Stillness
Feeling the neverending flood
Of vibrations around us

We stand as stones unphased by the Water
Yet our Warmth is not so still
We let ourselves roll
Finding the places
Where we can Guide the Stream

Brings bubbles of laughter and Bliss
When a tumble becomes a kiss
And the way that is illuminated
Becomes apparent to the wanderers
Who once have lost their way

Return to the lands that Time forgot
Bring forth the lessons of our Selves
Dancing through forms so varied
They would at times seem

As you will hear the Songs
Of many races of many Worlds
Calling out in Harmony
Welcoming us back

You remember the Moment
Spinning through the Sacred
Your Geometry Aligned
With Gaia
And the Plan was Prepared

It is time, as the Plan is complete
At last we are again Free
To open the Gates of Voices
Between our World
And our Worlds

Perhaps it is time we meet
With those who have awaited
Thinking often of their origins
And preparing softly
For Today

That complete complexity that you are
Galactic Activation Portal in Presence
And remember the Way
To Speak to Stars
With Me

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