Summary of a Solstice Journey

Its past time for a solid update, for those of you who have been following the movements of Planetary Transformation. Thank you all for being Present here now, and for those of you who read this in its entirety, I invite your responses, synchchronistic connections, comments, and passionate inspiration.

My most recent journey took me through many councils, in Albuquerque, Phoenix, LA, SF, Mendocino, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Anchorage, Olympia, and Denver, so I will elaborate on some highlights and give you all a little deeper perspective into the movement of events.

At the heart of my work is the building of a strong circle, where all can support each others projects. It is time we weave our wheels together, avoiding duplication when possible, and enhancing collaboration in each and every action we take. We must unite, as we are all part of this Planetary Organism’s Evolution. All of our goals can be accomplished, as soon as we are willing to relinquish our self-centered interests and expand our awareness to our larger “Self Center,” at the Core of our Global Community.

As you may be aware, my Primary Focus right now is Campaign 2020, composed of the 2020 Fund and the 2020 Enterprise. Through a collaboration of firms offering both philanthropic and venture-capital investments, the 2020 Fund will be raising financial strength to launch projects and products through the 2020 Enterprise. At the heart of managing and directing creation of the 2020 Enterprise, I am building a cohesive network of individuals and organizations who are dedicated to the process of Global Change through establishing Sustainable Development as a fundamental framework for industry and commercial infrastructures, rebalancing and restoring our relationship with Earth. As the Fund and the Enterprise come together for project deployment, Campaign 2020 will launch in full force to educate the masses through multistage marketing techniques and strategies, international partnerships, and coordinated local action teams. This will serve to further activate and support autonomous organizations in local areas with mainstream interest, and bring larger organizations to the forefront of the Global Media Stage. My company, Access Granted, will serve as a ground-breaker and organizational center for this initiative, both through training and on-site community building. Initial information on the 2020 Fund is available at for the Global Stakeholder Panel project which was completed last year, and the full Campaign 2020 site is under development.

I’ve added a few powerful names to a “Core Supporters” group, that can help to validate and empower the Campaign and other Projects. One of them is Terrance Glassman, who designed the International Space Station and was a good friend of Buckminster Fuller. I spent an evening with him doing a full vision session, and he is awaiting my further contact. He’s also doing some interesting work with the Gregorian Calendar at … Another is Rob Ganger, founder of The Evolver Project – – …They’ve created a magazine that unites many of the major sustainable development based organizations and media groups, and provides a forum for release of Evolutionary Information on a massive scale. They also have a membership program, like AAA for Revolutionaries, that will enable members to have special access to materials and technologies. Also solidly on the team are Elizabeth Upton – a well known producer and film-maker who does all sorts of international documentaries, Eli and Jen – the producers of the Dreamtime Festival in Colorado (which I’ll talk more about below), The Do Lab – producers of Lightning in a Bottle in California, Infinite Connections and Oracle Gatherings – producers of major Seattle events (more below), Dr. Kathleen Sullivan – Nuclear Researcher and Disarmament Educator of the World Peace Forum in Vancouver, and Victoria Scott of The Peace Foundation in New Zealand.

So here’s the story, with tidbits of nitty gritty in a big summary:

After some intense meetings and councils in Albuquerque and Phoenix, I spent some time in Los Angeles with the Evolver Project crew, working out plans to integrate AG, Campaign 2020, and Evolver into fully coordinated action. I met Terrence Glassman at my friend Greg’s house, who I’ll mention again in a minute to tell you about something REALLY BIG that has come up. Unfortunately, I did not get to reconnect with Ari, who as far as I know is still working on a project to develop a Conscious Entertainment based Cruise Ship. I want to link her to the Peace Boat project (explained below). My friend Alison Fast has been at the heart of some of the most incredible recent developments, but you’ll have to wait to hear about them, as they are still too secret…

In San Francisco, I rode the wave of Massive Synchronicity once again, catching up with my friend Ananda Ji ( ) and Brent Phibration, who is coordinating with some groups who are prepared to launch the largest Broadband Satellite Internet company in Asia… I don’t know how that will turn out yet, but they don’t need much in investment, and they already have the full satellite partnership to do it. They would offer almost 60% more coverage in Asia than is currently available.

Then I was in Portland for the Village Building Convergence ( ). It was a fantastic gathering, restructuring the city over a week or so through small task forces building community gardens, transforming intersections, and much more. I learned about Mycelium (mushrooms), and how Oyster Mushrooms eat oil-spills for breakfast, turning the hydrocarbons back into carbohydrates, Blue Meanie (Psychedelic) mushrooms eat CX1 Nerve Gas for breakfast (!!!), and a whole series of other varieties that can take nearly ANY TOXIN on the planet and make it harmless in a single growth cycle. That’s more than a little stout, and extremely important!

We lit the massive fires in the sacred spires in downtown Seattle next, with Bassnectar (Lorin), Osiris (Oracle Gatherings), a 35 Piece circusbiodieselmarchingband from Portland (who followed us up from the Village Building Convergences there), and so many more Sacred Lightworkers who are fully engaged in the Planetary Journey… We did some serious City reformation, and I linked in solidly with Michael Manahan (Oracle Gatherings – ) for some future movement.

After Seattle, some groundwork was laid in Vancouver, before travelling out to the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. There I met with an army of Elves, complete with some of the most incredible arts I’ve ever seen. Some of their work can be explored at … Most of these people I have deep heart connection to, and they are fully dedicated to the Planetary work that must be done moving forward.

Then I travelled North through Canada, and helped the indigenous Lakota youth runners finish their last 1,000 miles in the Prayer Run from Vancouver BC to Anchorage, arriving for the World Peace Prayer Day Ceremonies… The ceremonies on the Solstice went well, and many groups all over the world synchronized in Peace celebration. I also built some strong international connections, with Mauri from New Zealand and groups from Australia primarily. The Star Seed of the West Coast, the Crown of Gaia, Alaska’s beauty is far beyond my humble words. Mindblowing peaks of black stone with shimmering ice and glacier flows pierce the deepest blue and frosty mists of an ever-shifting sky, while snowy ravines drip down to waterfalls that cascade into lush aspen and pine forests filled with groves of wildflowers surrounding crystal clear pools. Sunset begins at 12:00am burning until almost 2:30am and after a brief dance in twilight, Sunrise begins at 3:00am.

Many days of straight driving brought me back down to Vancouver for the World Peace Forum, where I engaged with members of the Peace Boat (a cruise ship traveling the world teaching disarmament and sustainability). I also met people involved with the Mayors for Peace Project, which is unifying Cities around the world, regardless of their Nation’s alliances or enemies. How do we make an Autonomous Global Union? Through Unifying Cities as One World Network, dedicated to Peace and Sustainable Development!

Then it was on to Colorado for the Rainbow Gathering (which I’ve decided is NOT a sustainable format for future revolution and evolution), and the Dreamtime Festival (which absolutely IS – )… We arrived early for Dreamtime, and immediately got connected with the founders, and began helping to organize and coordinate the whole festival! It was an incredible experience, and we are set to plug in performers, events, and inspired structural elements for the future of this 5,000 person festival in the Heart of the Land.

Back in Asheville, I’ve been crystallizing and reconnecting all the threads I linked with while traveling, and have been working with Kachina Katrina in LA to organize the Evolutionary Center Camp at Burning Man. Below is the link to the site for more information on how we are making it completely sustainable through 100% waste management, solar-power, biodiesel rideshares, purchase of carbon-credits, group water and food systems, art from garbage, and more… We’ve gained full support from the Burning Man central council, which manages the 50,000 person event and channels hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund revolutionary art projects. Also, our work has spawned a huge “Greening the Burn” movement that is now spreading like wildfire through the Burning Man community. The website is hosted through a 100% solar-powered server: [note links to more groups networking] … We are officially located at 4:30 and Eager, for those of you who can stop by for a visit. I look forward to seeing many of you at the Burn!

Much more is crystallizing, even as I type this, and when the Time is Right, I will be deeply honored to share with all of you again.

Aloha Ke Akua
Blessed Be
In Lakech

Adam Apollo

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